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?Prometheus 2? Update: Alien Director Returns For New Movie

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Ridley Scott responds to the answers of ?Aliens? fans as he officially confirms his return for ?Prometheus 2.? Famed Director and Producer Ridley Scott is set to return to the ?Alien? universe as he is already working on where the new locations for the second ?Prometheus? prequel to the ?Alien? franchise will be held.

?I was already on my next movie!? Scott said in an interview with Empire while talking about the upcoming movie ?The Martian.? ?I was starting to look for locations for my next movie,? he added, ?which is Prometheus 2.?

Unfortunately, he didn?t share any added information for the upcoming movie but rest assured, Ridley Scott is no stranger in giving the fans the incredible movie they want to see. In fact, Matt Damon praised the Director for making ?The Martian? ?into an exciting adventure even if it?s largely told by the stranded astronaut who spends most of his time alone on the red planet,? according to BGR.

?It?s an illusion that I?m carrying the movie,? Damon said in an interview with Empire. ?It?s actually all down to Ridley, it really is. I?ll get a lot of the credit for what he did because he?s got to keep the audience with just one actor up there, he?s got to keep you involved and keep the story going. It really was the reason I wanted to do it.?

For anyone who doesn?t remember ?Prometheus,? the film was kind of a semi-prequel to the original ?Aliens? franchise. The movie, starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender, searched for the question of the origins of Earth and how intelligent life with the help of the Xenomorphs came to be, shared by the Verge. Although ?Prometheus? was a bit of a complex film, it made a big financial success, preparing the way for a new franchise from the ?Aliens? universe, shared by the Verge.

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