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Project X Zone 2 News: Complete List Of Playable Characters Revealed

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Time to check which characters will be playable for the sequel to the biggest crossover game yet.

When Capcom and Bandai Namco joined forces for a rare PlayStation 2 game, they would not expect that it would become a hit. So they added Sega to their team and created Project X Zone. Everyone loved the idea of the game. Now they finally added Nintendo to the crew and launched the sequel to their Project X Zone. Project X Zone 2 will feature more characters from each of the brand?s famous game franchises. We have the list of confirmed playable characters and their respective titles, which of your favorites are on the list?

Chris Redfield?&?Jill ValentineResident EvilCapcom
Dante?&?VergilDevil May CryCapcom
X?&?ZeroMega Man XCapcom
Ryu?&?Ken MastersStreet FighterCapcom
Demitri Maximoff?&?Morrigan AenslandDarkstalkersCapcom
Strider Hiryu?&?HotsumaStrider?&?ShinobiCapcom / Sega
Chun-Li?&?Ling XiaoyuStreet Fighter?&?TekkenCapcom / Bandai Namco
Jin Kazama?&?Kazuya MishimaTekkenBandai Namco
Kite?&?Haseo.hackBandai Namco
Yuri Lowell?&?Flynn ScifoTales of VesperiaBandai Namco
Ciel Alen?on?& Nana KazukiGod Eater 2Bandai Namco
Reiji Arisu & XiaomuNamco ? CapcomBandai Namco
KOS-MOS?&?FioraXenosaga?&?Xenoblade ChroniclesBandai Namco / Nintendo
Akira Yuki?&?Kage-MaruVirtua FighterSega
Ichir? ?gami?&?Erica FontaineSakura WarsSega
Sakura Shinguji?&?Gemini SunriseSakura WarsSega
Kazuma Kiryu?&?Goro MajimaYakuzaSega
Zephyr & VashyronResonance of FateSega
Chrom & LucinaFire Emblem AwakeningNintendo


Captain CommandoCaptain CommandoCapcom
June Lin MilliamStar GladiatorCapcom
Leon S. KennedyResident EvilCapcom
Phoenix Wright?&?Maya FeyAce AttorneyCapcom
IngridStreet Fighter[12]Capcom
Heihachi MishimaTekkenBandai Namco
NatsuSoulBandai Namco
AtySummon NightBandai Namco
ValkyrieValkyrie no B?ken: Toki no Kagi DensetsuBandai Namco
Alisa Illinichina AmiellaGod EaterBandai Namco
Estellise Sidos HeurasseinTales of VesperiaBandai Namco
Axel StoneStreets of RageSega
Segata SanshiroSegata SanshiroSega
UlalaSpace Channel 5Sega
Pai ChanVirtua FighterSega
LeanneResonance of FateSega
Ryo HazukiShenmueSega


Project X Zone 2 is now available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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