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Project X Zone 2 Characters Update: Familiar Names From Nintendo Come Up!

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A new trailer of Project X Zone 2 was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that features some characters from Nintendo.

Project x Zone was a big cross over game between Bandai Namco, Sega and Capcom that featured some of their best characters on their famous game franchises, and they are now making a sequel to the hit RPG. Project X Zone 2 promises to have more characters and still include some of their regulars from the previous game. And during the presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, a new trailer was revealed to show some new characters, this time from Nintendo itself.

The new characters will include Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles X, Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, the trailer shows off their signature moves and Fiona being shown as a support character, an English trailer was also available today and you can watch it right here.

Previously there were other characters that were announced for Project X Zone 2 which was confirmed by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, these include Segata Sanshiro, a popular mascot of Sega Japan, and some returning characters such as three protagonists of Tri-Ace?s Resonance of Fate. Some screenshots showcased the skill system of Project X Zone 2 and even shots of the regulars such as Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken, Dimitri and Morrigan from Darkstalkers and many more. Some interesting info is that the regular characters will be having different move sets compared to the first Project X Zone to give them a more refreshing take for the veteran players and not to alienate the new players. So far more characters will be introduced to the game and let?s hope that there will be Amiibo integration to the game.

Project X Zone 2 will be available this November in Japan exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and soon will be available in North America and Europe around sometime next year

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