Project Skywind: The Morrowind Mod

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Elder Scrolls fans have bonded together to create a Morrowind mod using the latest Elder Scrolls engine ? Skyrim. The mod is called Skywind, and a preview of their progress is now available for viewing.

The Elder Scrolls series has huge followers?that spent countless of hours exploring its open world environment. Part of the reason is, Elder Scrolls created?such a huge appeal when they?allowed?the use of mods into the game.

A Mod is the modification of a code in the game in order to alter some functions or appearance, and a number of mods have already been introduced under the Skyrim engine.

But what sets Skywind apart?

The Skywind project will recreate the entire Morrowind world using the Skyrim engine.

The YouTube video trailer is certainly impressive and has clearly shown that many of Morrowind structures and locations are either finished or nearing completion.

Unfortunately, Skywind is only available as a video trailer for now, and is not yet ready for general public, however, an Alpha version for developers might come out soon.

The Skywind mod not only seeks to capture the exact copy of places and locations, but also to copy the quests and voices in the original Morrowind game.

For those who are interested in keeping track of the project?s progress, you can visit Skywind modding site. The site has all the latest information about?Skywind.

The site also has ?up to date information on Skyblivion, a mod that recreates the world of Oblivion using Skyrim.

Skyrim is the fifth and newest installment in the Elder Scrolls series, and?has been the hallmark of all Elder Scrolls games.Without a doubt, Skyrim will last for?long because of Skywind mod, Skyblivion mod and its legion of devoted fans.?For those who would like to try the game, Skyrim is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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