Driveclub Dev Says They Have a Team Working on Project Morpheus Support

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image courtesy of Sony/Evolution Studios

Since Sony?s Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset was introduced last March, there have been speculations that Evolution?s racing simulation game, Driveclub, will be one of the first titles that would support the VR device. But during the device?s announcement, there was no mention of support of the racing game and was later confirmed by the Evolution team.

But this may change sooner or later as there have been hints that the game may finally come to the VR headset. In an interview with Driveclub?s game director, Paul Rustchynsky, on?, he says that that there is a team dedicated on working for Project Morpheus support although he stresses that it is not the priority of the developers at the moment.

“Project Morpheus is a fantastic piece of hardware and it?s something that really excites me as a gamer,? he says. ?Evolution has a dedicated team who have been working on it from day one, so we have a keen eye on it ? but it?s not something we?re looking at for Driveclub just now.”

These words sound contradictory to be honest. But considering that Project Morpheus is yet to release a working prototype of the device, it?s only logical for the developer not to focus on making its way to the VR platform. This sounds more likely that the VR device will feature support on a Driveclub sequel or on another future project. Hopefully, this will come soon as many are expecting a next-gen racing game like Driveclub to debut in a VR device. Let?s keep our fingers crossed at the moment.

Driveclub has been one of PlayStation 4?s most anticipated games of 2014 despite its unfortunate delay. Its developer even lost its former game director back in March to form his own indie studio. The game is scheduled for release on October 4, 2014 and is exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

As for Project Morpheus, Sony?s developer team will reveal developments?and updates on the device in the upcoming Gamescom event on August 13 to 17 in Cologne, Germany.

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Image courtesy of Sony/Evolution Studios

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