Project CARS for the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC available in November 2014

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All racing fans, brace yourselves, as Slightly Mad Studios announced the landing of Project CARS in PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC this November 2014.

From a video footage released by Slight Mad Studios, it confirmed the availability of Project CARS in different platforms in the later part of the year.

Slight Mad Studios said ?Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.?

With Project CARS, gamers can do more. The developer said that players can select and create their own driver, pick from a variety of motorsports, and shift into high gear in order to chase a number of Historic Goals and enter the Hall Of Fame.

Moreover, the gamers? skills will be tested via the following challenges. They can have their skills honed through competitive fully-loaded race weekends, leaderboard-based time challenges, or continually-updated community events.

?Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day and weather system, and deep tuning and pit stop functionality, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust. These make Project CARS the ultimate driver journey,? Slightly Mad Studios said.

In the recently press release by Slightly Mad Studios, they said that Project CARS or Community Assisted Racing Simulator will surely set the standard in visuals and in sounds as well, in the racing games industry.

Slightly Mad Studios said that their audio department has been hard at work in order to make sure that every car in Project CARS will ?sound exactly as raw and menacing as in real life.”

In fact the team had launched a video that allows racing fans to see and experience for themselves ?more than just a ?12-minute video of pure Project CARS sound glory.

Moreover, according to Playstation Front, Project CARS is the most wanted title this time around. So if you are a fan, and you have not seen the new videos yet, here?s what we can share to you.

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