Easy productivity tips for students that will help you get things done

Have a productive study session every time with these tips.

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Here's how you can be more productive as a student:

  • Use a physical or digital planner to note down your different tasks
  • Create a daily schedule and time-block your day
  • Play LOFI music in the background
  • Make sure to allot some time for rest and relaxation
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Students have a lot to do during the day. Regular student responsibilities aside, some students wear different hats as siblings, breadwinners, club members, leaders, and athletes. If you are a multi-hat-wearing student who needs help being the most productive and efficient you can be, here are some easy tips you can incorporate into your everyday life.

Use a Planner

A physical or digital planner will help you stay organized and on top of all of your tasks. You can write down all of your deadlines and deliverables in it, and cross them out once you’ve done them.

If you’re looking for planners that also inject a bit of fun into the mix, check out Talking Out of Turn. No matter what kind of personality you have, what kind of lifestyle you lead, and what kind of planner you prefer; you are sure to find something you love in their line-up.

Time-Block Your Day

While creating a daily schedule should be a given, you also need to make sure to time-block your day. This simply means that you need to jot down every single meeting, class, piece of homework, and non-school activity in your schedule. You can also opt to add the times of the day when you need to study or accomplish requirements for certain classes. It would also help to set times for your breaks to ensure that you fully maximize your time in a day.

Once you find a routine that works for you, make sure you commit and stick to it, as well, to ensure the utmost productivity.

Play LOFI Music As You Work

To really focus while working, try playing some LOFI music in the background. These sounds can actually help you concentrate better and, in turn, make you more productive throughout the day.

LOFI music will help set the mood and tone of your study session, so make sure that you play it in the background as you work. Not only will you not get distracted by lyrics that might make you sing or dance, but it is also very soothing. Better yet, wear some headphones to zone out and avoid unwanted noise and distractions while you work.


As dedicated as you might be to getting everything done, make sure to also allot some time for rest in your day. Me time is important, too, whether that’s in the form of eating meals without any distractions, listening to music, or watching an episode of your favorite anime.

Taking a break can actually help you jump back into your tasks easier. Sometimes, all you might need is some time to breathe to focus better.