Smart Fingerprint Padlock It’s Waterproof And Anti-Theft Security Padlock

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It may be a little unusual to point out how a modern product benefits by not having WiFi, Bluetooth, Alexa, or really any connection to the internet or other devices at all.


But sometimes, you can’t beat the old-school feeling of physical touch — and the security of a can’t-be-duplicated fingerprint. That’s where a fingerprint lock comes into play.


How Do Fingerprint Locks Work?

As the name suggests, the best fingerprint padlocks use your unique fingerprint to unlock the device, meaning you can bypass annoying digital codes or passwords you never remember.

That’s far from the only benefit though, as a smart padlock immediately eliminates the hassles of traditional locks — no more forgetting where you put the keys, or forgetting the combination altogether. With a smart lock, the key was in your hands all along. One registered fingerprint is all it takes to pop it open, then close it back up and feel assured that your stuff is safe from being stolen.

This smart padlock, with lock, features a smooth and minimal design, constructed from zinc alloy and ideally sized for gym lockers, suitcases, and toolboxes. It’s the best of modern technology without any of the unnecessary add-ons to complicate it, like number pads, WiFi, Bluetooth, memorizing passwords, or accompanying apps that gain access to your phone and information.

The lock uses minimal power – one charge can last for months, and an included micro-USB cable charges it back up fast when it dies. It’s also able to be kept outdoors in most conditions, as its IP65 waterproof rating means it’s resistant to dust and rain.



INTELLIGENT HIGH SECURITY: Smart Biometric Padlock with Fingerprint Sensor, IP65 Protection (Dust Tight and Waterproof), Made of High-End 304 Stainless Steel with a 3/8”, or 0.95cm, diameter lock shackle to maximize resistance to Cutting, Sawing, and other forms of compromise, Working Temperatures between -20℃ / -4℉ to 70℃ / 158℉.


MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Heavy-Duty Security for Gym Lockers, Garages, Storage Units, Fences, Gates, Garden Sheds, Moving Vans, Work Trucks, Bicycles, Warehouses, Courtyards, Lock Boxes and More.


SIMPLIFIED USER INTERFACE: Keyless Entry (No Keys or Combination Codes required), Encode with up to 10 fingerprints, 0.5-second Response/Unlock Time, Set-It and Forget-It Access.


BUILT-IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI): The lock gets smarter each time you use it by learning more about its owners’ fingerprints after successfully accessing the lock.


BATTERY CHARGE MEASURED IN YEARS: USB Rechargeable 300mah Lithium Battery with 1-Year / 2500 Cycles of use or 2 years of Standby Time from one full charge (fully charges in 3hours).

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6 reviews for Smart Fingerprint Padlock It’s Waterproof And Anti-Theft Security Padlock

  1. M***d

    The fingerprint lock looks solid. So far it has worked safely and conveniently. It should be noted that the first learned fingerprint works as an administrator key (i.e. if possible use someone who will be available for a long time). The following learning processes are not so critical and can be deleted later (if I have understood the operating instructions correctly).

  2. Customer

    nice product

  3. S***n

    All is good

  4. Customer

    The lock is good and suitable for all use of protecting personal items, doors, And practical, and the shipment arrived in a timely manner, I thank everyone for the kind treatment.

  5. L***s

    It works perfect.

  6. D***a


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