Neck Support Travel Pillow With 360 degree Hand Shape Bendable


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Frequent travelers like me spend a lot of time thinking about how to be comfortable on long-haul flights (or any flight, really).


Even at the best of times, travel can be tiring, and getting proper sleep on the plane can be difficult.


Good thing this 360-degree travel pillow was invented that you can use it anywhere you are.



A most comfortable pillow and actually made it easy for you to sleep without worrying about getting your pillow into the correct position.



Very well designed for providing support around your neck and behind your head, without ever making you feel that it’s constricting your neck or restraining your movement.



Most importantly, the quality of the material, from the memory foam to the fabric, is a visible and tangible step up compared to other pillows with a similar shape.


With Different Color Choices:




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