Mini Wireless Bluetooth Folding keyboard With Touchpad for Windows, Android, IOS

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While I still have the keyboard in among my pile of old gadgets, hoping one day to find its place in the gadget museum, that or the gadget wasteland, things have not moved much since.


We still use keyboards and there are still some foldable keyboards except that the main manufacturers have fallen out of love with the format. Logitech tried a foldable keyboard for iPad 2 and that quickly disappeared. The only mainstream manufacturer with a folding keyboard is Microsoft.

Why Foldable Keyboard

Space and portability are the main reasons for selecting foldable keyboards. That and access to a full-size keyboard. There are other small and compact keyboards but these are more suited for thumb typing instead of conventional typing. Having a foldable keyboard means you can enjoy typing on a full-size keyboard to write your report, compose your emails, blog, make those final revisions to your presentation and projects just about anywhere.

If you are a regular commuter, the foldable keyboard is a godsend and is a perfect companion for your tablet or smartphone. Just unfold, switch it on, connect via Bluetooth, and away you go. Being foldable not only takes up less space in storage but protects the keys when you are traveling. Newer foldable keyboards now include a small touchpad on the far right. With so many options available, you will be spoilt for choice.

Other Reasons for Folding Keyboard

If you are still trying to decide if a folding keyboard is for you, read on:

✅ compact, foldable, lightweight and easy to transport and sleek are the many reasons one would buy this to a non-foldable alternative for those who travel regularly.

✅ a folding keyboard with full-size tactile keys is much easier to type on compared to a screen keyboard be it on the tablet or smartphone, that’s why Apple sells smart keyboard covers for their tablets.

✅ Save your wrist and fingers from fatigue. Prolonged typing on a virtual or on-screen keyboard can cause repetitive strain to your fingers and wrists. Typing on the keyboard for a long time will probably cause the same but switching between the two may be a relief for some.

✅ A must-have for tablet owners as it converts your tablet into a hybrid 2-in-1 laptop, making the most of the tablet as a device that can also act as your laptop.

✅ the speed in which you bang out your text is faster on a physical keyboard for those used to typing on one compared to trying to accomplish the same on a virtual counterpart.

Portable Keyboard is one of the few folding keyboards that come with a touchpad built-in. It is slightly bigger when folded but not much thicker. It uses an uneven trifold design and when unfolded, the trackpad, although a little small for our liking, is at the far right. Nonetheless, it is still a compact keyboard measuring 15.2 x 9.8 x 1.8 cm when folded and 30 x 9.8 x 1.8cm when unfolded. It will work with all mobile devices and desktops but the touchpad does not work on iOS and Mac OS. The good news is if your iPad runs iPad OS 13 or later, you can enjoy the convenience of the touchpad.

On the flip side, if you run out of juice, or Bluetooth connectivity is not available especially on older desktops, simply plug it indirectly via a USB port and it will switch to wired mode automatically. On a full charge, the keyboard will last up to 48 hours of typing or around 24 days with 2 hours of typing per day. Additionally, when not in use for over 10 minutes, it will go into sleep mode to conserve battery. To

wake the keyboard, just tap on any key. All this in a package that weighs only 197.3 grams.


[ Lightweight And Powerful ] – Matte creates a wonderful sense of touch. The keyboard is made of Aircraft-grade. It had been designed to be able to face up to the falls.

[ Compatible with Most Modern Devices ] – The high level of compatible devices suggests that you’ll use this keyboard for many Bluetooth® -enabled devices. Windows, Android, and iOS are compatible with the keyboard. If you modify your phone or if you change your laptop/tablet, you’ll simply keep using the same keyboard.

[ Great for Vacations and Travel ] – Baggage fees will add up quickly, so better take something small on your journey. If your boyfriend loves to travel, then he possibly will need this keyboard rather than a large laptop computer, you’ll take a tiny tablet or smartphone (iPhone) and also the Jelly Comb Folding Bluetooth Keyboard.

[ Rechargeable Battery ] – Users get pleasure from up to 48 hours of writing time with only one charge. The Wireless Folding Bluetooth Keyboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Standby time is up to 560 hours.

[ Increases Productivity ] – This wireless mini Bluetooth keyboard permits users to instantly flip their tablet or phone into a tiny laptop computer for fast, comfortable typing. Touch screenwriting is terribly slow compared to using an old-school keyboard. This could be a lifesaver if your regular laptop has problems.

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9 reviews for Mini Wireless Bluetooth Folding keyboard With Touchpad for Windows, Android, IOS

  1. C***z

    They arrived without any problem, in a simple package, and without any damage, apart from the envelope from where both keyboards came from, these in turn came within a simple presentable box, inside came the keyboard, usb cable for charging and manual, Android 9 was tested and this one recognized it without problem, it needs to be clarified that when using the keyboard, you must enter the physical keyboard configuration that brings andriod and change the keyboard to its language and continent in which it is located, in my case Select “Spanish (latino)”, Since when connecting the do key via bluetooth, it recognizes it as Spanish, but the Symbolics like these + × = ÷ %/ $ € ??, were not in the corresponding key, after switching to “Spanish (latino)”, these symbols if they were now on their corresponding key, it works pretty fast, And I arrive within the estimated date, I am very happy, thank you very much.

  2. Y***I

    Excellent keyboard bought for the tablet Samsung S6 Lite. Recommend.

  3. R***r

    Well packaged product, fast shipping P Brasil, but the office Brazilian sucks, take long to arrive at my home. With the product, excellent material, connectivity very easy and fast, all keyboards works perfectly, according to the description!!!

  4. C***s

    It came in time, I haven’t checked it yet, but it looks the same as it is in the app.

  5. R***r

    If it is lazy to get off the sofa every time and approach the computer to turn back the film or control the PC remotely, then it is clearly for you. The only thing that upset-the squeak during opening, closing the keyboard. I connected both to the computer and to the phone, everywhere prints, only on the phone does not switch to Russian, I will try to solve this question.

  6. K***l

    Keyboard fire! Who works on a smartphone or tablet on the road-an indispensable westch! On the Samsung put a third-party driver with a play market.

  7. N***A

    He arrived in 25 days in chile, well wrapped and in excellent condition, he linked very quickly to my cell phone and my smart tv

  8. D***a

    Very nice keyboard, the keys are comfortable for typing, and the track pad works nicely too. It is portable since it is foldable and has a light weight. Arrived fast in São Paulo/Brazil. Recommended!

  9. S***o

    Took to arrive due to strike in office, but Parea fast and keys are well responsivas. Excellent brushed steel construction.

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