Mini Neck Fan Bladeless USB Rechargeable Fan Perfect For Outdoor Cooling Device

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There are different ways you can keep yourself cool in the hot summer. When you are on the move, it becomes different from staying cool as there cannot be any traditional fan or AC around you. That is where the neck fan can come to your rescue as you can put them on easily and stay calm and cool.


This dual-cooling fan is perfect for several day-to-day activities, like walking, running, cooking, reading, and more. From indoor to outdoor places, this sports fan also helps individuals to stay cool during summer days. Moreover, the headphone-style neckband design helps users to wear it around their neck with ease. The USB charging design lets users recharge this device with no difficulty.


This fan is also ideal to use while walking, jogging, traveling, climbing, and doing other activities. Furthermore, the dual-blade design of this sports fan produces lower operation noise during operation. This USB gadget comes along with a powerful, rechargeable 4000-mAh battery for long-lasting performance.


Reasons To Buy


Features proficient power and conversion.

It comes with a rechargeable USB port.

✅ Saves energy and guards the environment.

✅ Headphone design and long working hours.

✅ It can provide strong wind power.

Buying Guide For Neck Fan

Check the following points when you buy a neck fan.

Design: The primary thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a neck fan is the design. You need to see if it let you wear it with ease. Go for the one that comes in a hands-free design so that there can be better convenience.

Performance: The performance is an ideal consideration that you will have to see while buying a neck fan. It must be able to deliver powerful performance, and you will have to see if it does not create annoyance. See if it operates without making any noise so that there can be comfort and convenience.

Comfort: If you are looking to have better comfort, then you need to get the one that comes in a lightweight design. It must let you have easy portability so that you can use it from anywhere you want. Ensure that it does not cause any strain on your neck.

Custom Speed: With adjustable speed, you can use the neck fan according to your needs. Some of it will let you choose from high, low, and medium. This will be an ideal consideration as you can use the fan speed according to the environment.

Battery Life: With a powerful battery, you can use the neck fan for an extended period. The battery performance can vary from one unit to another. If you are looking to use your neck fan for a long period, then you need to see if it comes with a minimum of 4000mAh battery. You will also have to see if it comes with a fast-charging option.

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9 reviews for Mini Neck Fan Bladeless USB Rechargeable Fan Perfect For Outdoor Cooling Device

  1. R***y

    Great product, nice touched and efficient fan. It is true that the 3 th speed is a little noisy but outdoors it is not embarrassing! Very well packaged and arrived in 7 days!

  2. 9***r

    Just test if it functions 。 3 speed, quality not bad, but the wind is very soft even in Level 3 。 fast delivery ~

  3. Customer

    Comply with description fast delivery

  4. J***N

    Back part is located in wind Tiger of Anna Ohm. Din Soso wind is perfect neck part only cool do not plug car the beauty. Other products and with traditional lightly. (White for Xiaomi dark green color this third party product)

  5. B***n

    Impeccable!! Works well!!!

  6. K***r

    Dual-stage air volume adjustable. Neck fluttering works by Bonnie cool. Not just a certain degree of the cold water to shows. Battery life is how you’re look out, having four. Product Price contrast is OK.

  7. G***r

    nice store he answer me in the same day,and the prdouct is nice.

  8. S***g

    The box is a little crushed. but Genuine Xiaomi fan is Giod.

  9. S***M

    Fast delivering, and it looks like good product.

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