Mini HD Video Recorder Camera Perfect As Security Surveillance Cameras

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If you’re hoping to keep tabs on your home but don’t like the look of unsightly security cameras, a hidden camera might be the perfect home security solution. These compact cameras are much easier to incorporate into your decor, giving you peace of mind without announcing their presence.


When selecting the best product for your needs, consider the camera’s battery life, where it stores footage, and whether it has features like Wi-Fi connectivity or motion detection.


Monitor corners you never thought possible with the HD Dice Hidden camera. This compact camera is lightweight, portable, and discreet. It’s easy to set-up and start recording too. It blends right into its surroundings where you place it, and streams 1080P HD video directly to the free HDWIFI app.



✅ Non-porous design, convenient mini hangings, hand-held DV.

✅ Built-in four night vision lights capture more details and present high-definition images in a wider range during the night.

✅ When the capacity of the memory card is less than 400MB, the system will automatically cover the previous video. The file can not be recovered after it is covered.

✅ Do not support the function of recording video when charging.

When detecting a low battery, the camera will automatically save the recorded video, and then turn it off after the blue indicator has flashed 10 times.

✅ When charging, the red and blue indicators turn on. After charging, the red indicator turns off.

Under the on/off state, the data all can be read after connecting the device with the computer.

What to Look for in a Hidden Camera


The location where you plan to use your hidden camera will determine the best product for your needs. Think about: Will the camera be outside or exposed to the weather? Does it need a wide-angle view to capture the whole room? If it’s motion-activated, does it need technology to rule out false alarms? You’ll be able to narrow down your selection as you define which features you need.

Video quality

Another important consideration is the quality of the video. Since hidden cameras are tiny, the quality may not be as good as a standard camera. Get a product with at least 720 pixels; otherwise, you may not be able to make out the details in the footage.

Record time

Some hidden cameras only capture motion-activated clips, while others record continuously. Look into which method your camera uses, as well as whether the video footage is stored on a memory card or uploaded to the cloud. If it goes to a memory card, most cameras rewrite over existing files once full, so make sure you check footage regularly or risk losing it.


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3 reviews for Mini HD Video Recorder Camera Perfect As Security Surveillance Cameras

  1. Customer

    was better than i expected

  2. Customer

    This item was a great find. The quality of the image is acceptable although the night vision cannot get very far, i would say within 8 feet max.

  3. D***v

    good compact camera but does not shoot in full hd

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