Mini Built-in Battery GSM GPS tracker For Car, Kids, Pets And With free online tracking APP

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GPS trackers are excellent devices when you aim to keep track of your kid, loved ones, old parents, or for any genuine reasons. GPS trackers are even perfect to find a way or direction while traveling.


SinoTrack is used by hundreds of thousands of users to track their cars, vehicles, children and even elders. It comes at a very affordable price and also offers you a lot of custom features.


Device Working Mode


WORK-Keep working mode:


The tracker will keep working and send data by time interval.(ST-903 can works 20-24 hours)


MOVE-Work when the tracker is moving:


Tracker only works when it is moving, when it is stopped, it will sleep, GPS shut off, GSM works in low consumption mode. Vibration, SMS command, calling tracker can wake up the tracker to work 5 minutes.(ST-903 can works 3 to 5 days)


STANDBY-SMS or Call to the tracker, it will work 5 minutes:


Standby mode, GPS shut off, GSM works in low consumption. SMS, call can wake up the tracker to work 5 minutes.(ST-903 can standby 5-7 days)



It provides a wide range of reliable GPS Tracking devices which you can definitely give it a try. The GPS tracking device holds the ability to bring out precisely the accurate location in space with the help of a minimum of 4 satellites and unrestricted sightlines. While this GPS device is designed for navigation purposes, it is currently involved in every aspect of life.





Things To Know Before Buying GPS Trackers


However, before that, below are two things that you should keep in mind before buying the best GPS tracker.


Low is not smart


Remember that any GPS tracker that costs low may not always be a smart choice. Although it is bad to judge a device based on its cost, make sure you check its features even if it costs low and you want to purchase it.


Realize your requirements


The first and foremost thing to consider is your requirement. Analyze the reason behind buying a GPS tracker. Do you need to track your vehicle? Do you wish to keep a streak of the adventurous takes that your pet takes? Or are you concerned about the health of your child, parents, or employees? Once you finalize the reason you need a tracker, you can then look for trackers that have the features that meet your requirements. Knowing your preferences and requirements can also help you narrow your search from the vast range of trackers.


What features should an ideal GPS tracker have?


All the GPS trackers have their technologies, terminologies, and features. However, it is crucial to look for specific features in a GPS tracking device before buying it. Understanding the distinct features that a GPS tracker has is vital to spot the correct GPS tracker according to your needs.


Below are a few features that you must look for in your GPS tracker.


GPS Connection


Your GPS tracker must have the ability to connect with the global positioning system. Although 3G is quite common for most users, your GPS tracker must provide you with much more. Having said that, the 4G offers a much more enhanced quantity of data transition and speed than 3G. Few trackers also make use of LBS and Wi-Fi to get good coverage and cut down your expenses. However, in such cases even, you will need a sim card for the tracker to function appropriately.


Tracking Software


Several tracking devices come with a free GPS tracking software that allows you to see where your tracker is at any point of time from anywhere through any free app or Web browser. Some trackers even send notifications and SMS to the owner to deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute information.


Wired Or Portable


Wired trackers are a bit difficult to remove and deliver less information. There are very few chances that they are detected. Along with it, wired devices can take much of your power and fuel when you place them in your car. The biggest concern of wired devices is the installation process that takes quite a while compared to the portable trackers.




Many GPS trackers offer this feature. Geofencing is basically about informing you about the safety of a place while you drive across the lane. It tells you if the place is prohibited or dangerous. With this feature, the GPS trackers act as a safety device as well.


Status Alerts


Speed is a matter of concern at times of emergency. Any wired or portable tracker gives you notifications when you increase your speed. It provides you with shock notifications and tampering notifications, thereby alerting you for possible accidents or emergencies to keep control over your speed.


Battery Life

Nobody would want to buy a tracker that dies frequently. While you can power the wired trackers, the battery factor matters when you are going for a portable GPS tracker.


Theft Prevention


In case your vehicle is stolen or your loved ones are in danger, you are required to take action immediately. While you have a connected GPS, you can cooperate with the local authorities to solve this issue because you can easily track where your possession is located.


Personal Alarm


GPS trackers are also used to keep track of people, especially loved ones, elderly parents, around children, or staff. In case of a crisis, you will be directly notified once your tracker presses the SOS button. This acts as a personal alarm button, thereby promoting safety.


Now that you are aware of the feature that you need to look for in an ideal GPS tracker, you can check all the best gps tracking devices.




It does not matter why you want to purchase a tracking device. However, it is vital to buy it while keeping several important factors in mind. In case you want a car GPS device, you can fix it in your vehicle, thereby ensuring your safety. Also, if you wish to track your loved ones and closed ones for safety concerns and their wellbeing, you can get any of the best tracking devices listed above.


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8 reviews for Mini Built-in Battery GSM GPS tracker For Car, Kids, Pets And With free online tracking APP

  1. A***n

    Right to the point. I didn’t set anything up. Inserted SIM card Body 2 (tariff for things week 25₽), downloaded app, entered login (your ID), password 123456. All))) works!!! In the application you will change everything. The battery is weak. Connect the power supply (belbank). You are Russian;) shows clearly! I like it. Delivery 5 days to Mo. Read reviews. Opinions are different. I write directly from the heart. As is))) everything suits me.

  2. P***v

    Fast shipment and delivery to door! Just 7 days before Novokuznetsk. Equipment and quality corresponds to the description. The weight is even less than stated in the instruction. For me, this is an important parameter, K. I took it for the drone. I saw them fly away in an unknown direction!

  3. J***s

    works as expected, good precision and battery life (if not in use) waking up the device when moving is the best thing that could ever have been invented. Larger than my GF21 and much better. super fast shipping

  4. Customer

    The store answered my questions and is available. I found the solution to use the “tracker”. It is absolutely necessary to delete the code from the SIM card. Otherwise, you have to change card or card provider.

  5. Customer

    4 days to Rostov region. I’m happy with the purchase. With the application has not yet figured out. Works and without an application. Call the device, sends SMS with coordinates on Google Map. Pretty accurate. In the reviews I saw many questions such as whether there is a battery and a microphone. The battery is there, the device can work offline. The microphone is also there, I understand used through the application. The other day I’ll deal with the teams, then I’ll add a tip. The antenna is also not bad. In general, the conclusion: it is more expensive about twice than in other stores, but super fast delivery, plus I’ll take a photo of the stuffing. It suits me.

  6. E***v

    Ordered to track the machine wife trust but check, later I will add a review

  7. D***n

    Came quickly quality good works perfectly installed in the scooter I do not worry about the coal

  8. D***v

    Works. It is configured via SMS and via the offer. Delivery to St. Petersburg less than a week.

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