Laser Plasma Pen Freckle Mole Remover Machine

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Back in the day, the only way to get a mole removed was to go to the dermatologist and pay hefty fees for the procedure. Then, Beauty met Technology, and it was a ‘happily ever after’ for everyone.


A mole removal pen is one such piece of beauty tech that you can use at home to cut costs and reclaim your youthful, flawless skin.


Over the years, I have interacted with many beauty gadgets, but none offers the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a mole removal pen. First off, these tools not only remove moles, but can also flatten scars, remove skin tags, freckles, and tattoos, among others.


Consider your skin problem

There are mole removal pens with smaller needles, and then there are those with coarse needles. Finer needles are suitable for small spots and freckles while coarse needles are suitable for moles, warts, and skin tags. However, some models use both fine and thick needles to give you the needed versatility. Choose this last option.

Flexible strength settings

The best mole removal pens have a wide range of strength settings. Typically that falls between 3 and 8. However, remember that a higher level penetrates the skin much deeper, and without proper use, it might lead to skin damage.

The tool should be easy to use

There are endless safety risks when you improperly use a mole removal pen. The best beatification pen, therefore, should feature a simple design, and come with clear instructions on how to turn it on/off and direct the beam on the spot.

The mole removal technology used determine the effectiveness of the tool

Some mole removal pens use laser technology. It’s efficient, and you will need only 2 or 3 treatments to do away with the mole. However, this technique is painful. On the other hand, the ion carbonization technique can yield results but after several treatments. Another method is the radiofrequency heat treatment that produces satisfactory results with minimal scarring or bleeding.

Consider the power source

Mole removal pens mostly use a rechargeable battery. When shopping for these devices, look at the battery. The right gadget should give you at least 5 hours of use after a full charge.

Painless gadgets are preferable

Even though no mole removal pen is entirely painless, try to find one that is less painful. As mentioned earlier, this might depend on the type of technology used in the tool. Mole removal pens that are overly painful use an invasive technique that might damage your skin.

Consider one that has safety features

Accidents happen. One mishap and you could direct a laser beam on the wrong part of your skin. The result is that apart from the spot you were trying to remove, you will have another scab or scarring to deal with on a previously flawless part of your skin.

Safety features to look for in a mole removal pen include over-discharge protection to regulate the strength of the beam or radiation. Some tools also use bright colored beams to help you properly focus the treatment on the right area of your skin.


✅ Use the latest technology, microcomputer control, safe, convenient, and fast.

✅ It has 9 kinds of intensity for different treatments. Lower level is used on spot and freckle. Strong level is used on mole and skin tags.

✅ Remove spots without bleeding.

✅ Stainless steel spot pen is non-toxic, hygienic, uneasy to rust for secure use.

✅ LCD displays show how much electricity and the levels of intensity.

✅ Charge directly by USB line, easy carry and easy operate. High capacity battery.

✅ It can work more than 5 hours after charging.

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5 reviews for Laser Plasma Pen Freckle Mole Remover Machine

  1. N***n

    The goods came in time. At first I could not understand, read the reviews and questions/answers of buyers, everything is without sense. And only when I carefully read in the description of the store, everything became clear and everything worked. It burns powerful, immediately burned a small papilloma on its hand. It hurts very much, but beauty requires sacrifice. In the kit there is everything, one big needle, 10 smaller, a cord for charging. Good storage box. I recommend to buy. To the seller-thank you.

  2. A***r

    Outside round and accessory ぷ unpick and the Titan Cha to hang together. With two しゅう kettle とどい! Hon you want to clean. Quick げん is. Try still たのしみ.

  3. S***n

    Thank u haven’t tried but received quick

  4. I***c

    Delivered quickly, corresponds to the description. thank you. As I try, I will write

  5. M***o

    Turns on, charges. Directly work on papilomas did not try, as I will come home and try-I will unsubscribe to the review

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