Honeycomb Light Colorful Night Light USB Modular Lamp With Touch Sensor

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Modular touch light panels have been one of the most liked gadgets in recent years. But what’s the hype about? Is it aesthetics or usefulness?



These modular light panels come in different sizes and shapes, with hexagonal lights being the most popular ones.



One of the main advantages of having these touch lights is customizability. You can create almost any design with these panels, have an unlimited number of color combinations and animations.



They are extremely customizable, easy to use, and can be mounted on almost any surface, walls being the most popular one.




✅ Each RGB light can be changed to your favorite color

✅ A USB power supply is recommended to power up to 10 units, so if you buy 10 units or less, we only provide a special USB cable with one cable for every 10 units

✅ 11 color selection modes for changing tactile color, Smart remote, 13 kinds of remote control monochrome mode, slow change mode, fast change mode, flash monochrome mode, brightness adjustment mode

✅ Free pairing combination, the rear magnet is more stable and easier to operate

✅ Products are beautiful, personal and fashionable, this is a home decoration, gifts

✅ By just touching these lamps it turns on or off

✅ No need to punch, Double-sided Tape for easier installation

✅ If there is a problem with one of the lamps, you only need to replace the lamp with the problem, and you don’t need to replace all the lamps



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5 reviews for Honeycomb Light Colorful Night Light USB Modular Lamp With Touch Sensor

  1. M***e

    Was pleased with these lights. The kids were fascinated to see the color changes as they touched them. Plus the auto features created a nice effect with my simple installation.

  2. D***v

    Cool light bulbs.

  3. I***n

    The goods came well packed. Everything works, but there is one minus, there is a backlog of several blocks, I start burning at the same time, but then I start to fall behind.

  4. L***o


  5. C***a

    Very good quality, and super fast shipping

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