3D DIY Metal Animals Figure Puzzle Suitable for Children 10-12 Years Old


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There’s nothing quite like a puzzle to liven up the brain and stretch the imagination. As our minds grow, so does our capacity to exercise them, and this is where 3D puzzles come in to make our play time more dynamic.


3D puzzles range from educational to downright cool, and all of them make for fun screenless activities for the whole family.


This animal figure metal puzzle is perfect for the whole family. With high-quality metal materials and laser-cut ultra-precision high-quality metal models, you can create a smaller palm-sized model.




✅ Create absolutely stunning three-dimensional form puzzle that will need NO glue, just put it together with the screws. Follow the provided instructions to assemble it, enjoy the process of building and creating. Don’t rush, focus, and practice patience, because it is quite challenging. Absolutely a thrilling assembly project.


✅ 3D metal puzzle develops problem-solving and reasoning skills. It is beneficial for all-ages as it enhances creativity and critical thinking. The perfect combination of education and entertainment.


✅ Made from high-precision laser cutting technology and high-quality Stainless-Steel material to secure excellent craft. The finished product looks high-class, with no burrs and the parts are perfectly cut.



This is a perfect gift, a special gift for your friends and family, you can also collect and decorate as a home decoration.

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