Pro Evolution Soccer and the Must-have Players of 2013 (Part 2)

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In this 2014 World Cup, nations saw their national teams rise to the top, while others saw theirs say good-bye to the world?s biggest sporting stage. Some may have had bitter-sweet experiences while watching, others may have had the biggest moment of their life when they saw their football team heroes score the pivotal goal that puts them ahead, or thrusts them for a chance at even greater glory.

Some of us may never have the chance to watch it live in Brazil, but why fret? There?s always a chance to play it on a console or PC, and Pro Evolution Soccer gives you the chance to be in the driver?s seat. Be it that you may want to play as an evolving star, or a manager wanting to bring your club to even greater football prominence, Pro Evolution Soccer promises gameplay that is sure to satisfy your football simulation appetite.

The option of building a team and turning it into a world-beater is enticing, and PES? Master League gives you exactly that chance. However, does your team have the right key pieces for it to become the next UEFA superstar? If you?re planning on building a young team and turning it into a superstar team in the mold of FC Barcelona or Manchester United, here are a few players you may want to scout:


Stefanos pes

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Stefanos Kapino

Rating: 77

Age: 18

Country: Greece

Pos: GK

A wonderkid that hails from the Greek islands, Kapino has a lot of things going for him in Pro Evo 13. He is a good choice for a team that espouses quick attacks, as he has a kick that can turn good defense into a great offense at the blink of an eye. His high responsiveness, body balance, and height makes him a near-impenetrable fortress. While he is only 77 at the start of the game, watch him rise through the ranks as you develop him while he?s still in the cusp of youth.


Willems pes

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Jetro Willems

Rating: 75

Age: 18

Country: Netherlands

Pos: LMF, LB

The presence of two young Dutchmen in this list shows just why the Netherlands reached the heights they currently are at in the World Cup. Jetro Willems is exactly what you need if you?re looking to build a team with a strong, defensive anchor at the back. Already having a rating of 75, even at a young age of 18, Willems can make good, strong passes from the back that can help a quick, counter-attacking team greatly. He also has good speed and kicking power, perfect for a player who wants all their players to attack and, perhaps, score, if possible.


lucas piazon pes

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Lucas Piazon

Rating: 76

Age: 19

Country: Brazil

Pos: SS, AMF

A young player from the host of this year?s World Cup, Brazilian wonderkid Lucas Piazon is a must have for a team that has no reliable forwards, especially one using the generically-generated players of Pro Evolution. A package of good shot accuracy, passing accuracy and quick dribbling makes this player a threat in the final third, or even a threat from the wings. He can also be a brilliant playmaker, as his good ball control makes it difficult for opposing defenders to take the ball from him.


Raheem Sterling pes

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Raheem Sterling

Rating: 79

Age: 17

Country: England

Pos: CF, MF

This English wonderkid is just one of the many half-and-half players currently in the spotlight during the World Cup. While England may have exited unceremoniously early, you can still spot Sterling in the game. He can play forward or you can have him patroling either side of the middle wing. Although he is quite short, he has a good balance, sound swerving capabilities, and moves really good without the ball. A good mix of young, cheap, and capable makes this player one of the must-select players for your team.

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