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Pro Evolution Soccer and the Must-have Players of 2013 (Part 1)

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The World Cup fever is in full swing, and around the world, people are toasting to the success of their respective nation?s men?s football teams. In light of this, we are looking into the offering of Konami to whet your football appetite, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Boasting of graphical superiority in terms of player faces and uniforms as compared to other titles, Pro Evolution Soccer players are also excited about the series? dedication to player data. A good feature that deserves a nod is the Master League, Pro Evolution Soccer?s answer to a gamer?s clamor for the chance to manage a favourite team. Who wouldn?t jump at the chance to perhaps pilot Manchester United to the FA Cup, lead Real Madrid over FC Barcelona in an epic showdown, or steer Borussia Dortmund or Paris Saint Germain to the UEFA Finals?

To do that, however, you should have a team to bring you there. Master League offers two options on building a team. One is to go the easy way, which is to field a team with its original players (e.g., Messi in FC Barcelona, C. Ronaldo in Real Madrid, Wayne Rooney in Manchester United, etc.), or to go the hard, yet entertaining way, fielding a team with generic players created through PES? system.

It can be quite challenging to develop this team. There is a youth team feature, which you can use to get players that are cheap, but good (at least some of them), but if you prefer to build by getting players, here are some notable names to fill spots on your fledgling team:


image courtesy of Konami PES


Mario Gotze

Rating: 84

Age: 20

Country: Germany

Pos: AMF


At only 20 years old, Gotze has a good showing at this year?s World Cup. Pro Evo 13 ranks him among the best in the world, and is a strong attacker. That is not his lone notable stat, though, as there are also areas he?s good in, most notably dribbling, passing, ball control, speed and explosiveness. This makes him a good player to create attacking runs for. If you?re looking for a franchise player for your team, Gotze is your man.



image courtesy of Konami PES


Ilkay Gundogan

Rating: 84

Age: 22

Country: Germany

Pos: CMF


Here?s another German wunderkid. Ilkay Gundogan is just 22 in Pro Evo 13, meaning there is a lot players can expect from him if he is in their team. Boasting solid stats, Gundogan is more of a supporting midfielder than attacking midfielder. His high work rate, accuracy in both long and short passing, and good stamina spells trouble for any opposing team. A good player to develop, especially while he is still young.


Sakai pes

image courtesy of Konami PES


Hiroki Sakai

Rating: 79

Age: 22

Country: Japan



A 22-year old Japanese player with the gift of resiliency, Sakai can play either the left-or right wing. He is deservedly ranked a solid 79 because of his long range passing, speed, and stamina. While the others may have teams already, Sakai is listed as a free agent. This makes it easier for you to grab him and put him on your team, adding another element of youth and adaptability.


Van Der Hart pes

image courtesy of Konami PES


Mickey van Der Hart

Rating: 75

Age: 18

Country: Netherlands

Pos: GK


Real young for a goalie, don?t you think? In his still-starting career with the Dutchmen, Van Der Hart has already shown a great deal of promise. Pro Evo 13 recognizes that and has given him a rating of 75, with notable emphasis on his responsiveness and jumping ability. The best thing about wonderkids like him is his price. Fetching an acquisition fee of 2.8 mil, which is not bad, Van Der Hart can be a real threat if you scout him out early.


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