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Priyanka Chopra Reveals Quantico Season 2 and Alex?s New Journey

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Priyanka Chopra isn?t fazed by any of the new changes that Quantico is introducing in season 2. During the start of August, while filming Quantico, Chopra casually walks through the CIA?s training area, named The Farm.

Chopra told EW that she isn?t nervous. But when it comes to her character, she is a little anxious. She teases that season two is going to be much bigger than season 1.

Arguably, the show has turned into a very CIA-centric show. Chopra explains how the show has changed her life so far.

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Chopra on the Changes

Chopra explained that season one felt like a movie to her. Season one felt like a pretty big long movie. As for season two, the story will be totally different from season. But like season one, two timelines happen again and a number of characters from season one will continue into the sequel.

The New Threat

A bigger threat will be introduced in season two. But Chopra assures that Alex is a tenacious survivor who will be able to handle the threat when it arrives. Alex will be in a position to help others out and the story will revolve on how she learns.


New Cast

New cast members are set for the second season. But they?re all still getting used to one another and the new environment. The new cast is great so far, Alex just needs to learn where her inner circle is with the new people on the show.


The Old Cast

Chopra misses the old cast members who have left the show but she?s not discouraged. She?s been in the industry for 15 years now and she?s gotten used to how things work. The TV setting is a little new to her but she?s still optimistic especially since she?s already made some great friends.

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Alex this Year

The CIA is pretty secretive but Alex is still pretty truthful and is still set on finding out about the truth. Alex is pretty much out of her comfort zone and Chopra herself admits that she?s not sure how she?ll cope since she?s only read until the fourth episode.

Alex was all about working on things in order to do great good, but now in an agency she may have to do some work she may not agree with. There certain boundaries that she must try to not cross.


The main driver why Alex would push for the CIA is because of her drive to serve. She still believes in protecting the country and she knows that the CIA is where she can do great things.



The show portrays how senseless terrorism affects people and how they react to this needless violence. Hence, the show really is about human reaction amongst others and relationships and not just about terrorism. Terrorism will be a part of the show, but it?s not the main driver.



Ralex is back and still happy. The two are in a very special place and people know about their relationship.


Chopra?s Life With the Show

With the filming of the show, Chopra has been in America more and that?s been only real notable change in her daily life. She?s just happy that fans are recognizing her overseas and that she can be a part of a bigger global community in entertainment.

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Chopra isn?t pressured to perform in season two. She?s confident at how good the show is and that many are recognizing it globally. She also believes that season two will be great and fans will be amazed when they see it.


Chopra on Critics

Chopra is unfazed by the critics who reviewed season one. She says? Would you remind me [what they said]? I usually don?t listen to critics.?



Chopra brushes critic?s comments aside about the story being too complicated in season one. She?s assured that season one was pretty good just by the views alone. Not to mention, she points out that is the story was too confusing then they would have lost their audience, which wasn?t the case.

Quantico will be returning on Sunday on September 25 at 1PM on ABC.


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