Priyanka Chopra Boyfriend News: Actress Single? Tom Hiddleston A Good Match?

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Still fresh from his break up with Taylor Swift, it seems Tom Hiddleston is already getting back in the game, with an eye out for Priyanka Chopra! The two were pretty flirty during the Emmy Awards, not to mention various sources have been saying that the two have been even clingier on and off camera.


The Scoop

One of the eye witnesses present during the Governor?s Ball at LA also shared that Tom and Chopra were both pretty openly flirty there as well.

During the official after party, Tom and Priyanka were reported to have held hands, exchanged numbers, and even shared a kiss together. Seems like things can really escalate quickly in just one night.

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An anonymous source shared that Tom had wrapped his arm around Priyanka and kept her close by. Tom also talked with Priyanka closely while holding each other?s hands.

The pair looked pretty cute. The source continued that Priyanka had fixed Tom?s bow-tie and went on to kiss each other?s cheeks. After the two had swapped each other?s phone numbers before they had a pretty long hug. It’s important to note that the source emphasized how openly flirty the two were after the long hug they shared.

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It looks like a date may already be in the works. After Tom and Priyanka said their goodbyes, she later assured Tom that she will see him later. The two had left the event just a minute after each other.


Priyanka on Dating

Tom?s quite a looker and we?re pretty sure he?s got the confidence to back him up to go after Priyanka, but he may need to be prepared to settle with her quick if he wants a good shot at the Indian Beauty. Priyanka is generally not into dating or at least not in the same sense as Westerners.

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Priyanka explains that she believes that if two people like one another, then courtship must happen. And from that courtship, there must be a relationship where the two are answerable to one another. Additionally, Priyanka admits that she?s never dated and has only been in relationships.

Well, Tom?s relationship with Taylor swift escalated very quickly and even lead to talks of marriage and meeting each other?s parents. If needed, he may need to pull of something similar with Priyanka is he really wants to win her over.

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