Prison Break Season 5 Updates: Sixth Installment Lies On Fifth?s Fate

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While everyone still awaits the release of the much anticipated return of Prison Break Season 5, the prayers of the series? loyalists seem to be heard by God as there is a big possibility of a sixth installment.

According to a report of Movie News Guide, the trailer alone of the upcoming season has generated a loud buzz especially in social media. In the recent count, the promotional video of Prison Break Season 5 has already tallied millions of views in different social media platforms.

This big viewership might be a sign that the revival season will eventually be a hit TV series and a sixth season is a good treat to all the fans out there.

We have previously reported that the fate of another full season of Prison Break lies on the success of the short revival installment of the show. If season 5 registered good ratings then fans can expect for a continuation of Michael Scofield?s story. And since the video clip of the forthcoming show has been a viral to many, this might translate into a good number in terms of viewership.

Should there be another season, Prison Break Season 5 will most likely be ending with yet another monumental cliffhanger. It should be noted that in the video teaser, Michael, portrayed by Wentworth Miller, is being detained in Middle East. His brother, Lincoln as played by Dominic Purcell will be going there to rescue him and make an escape plan, as usual.

As dubbed by many reports, Lincoln will be teaming up with Michael?s former lover Sara, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, in developing the biggest escape in the history of the series. This is seen as an even far better escape than the River State Penitentiary bolt.

While some of the possible highlights of the revival show have already been spoiled in the teaser, the finale of it remains to be hidden to many. Meanwhile, show creators Paul T. Scheuring, Neal Moritz, Marty Adelstein, and Dawn Olmstead have revealed that the final number of season 5?s episodes will be only nine.

These creators also hinted that though there is already a prepared ending for the show, there are still a lot of stories in the world that are worthy to be told so should they decided to launch a sixth season, there is still more the series can offer.

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