Prison Break Season 5 Update: Show to Feature ISIS?

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Avid viewers can expect that Prison Break Season 5 is going to be heavier and worldly. The fifth season of the hit series is going to be heavier than all the episodes we have seen so far mainly because Prison Break will feature the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known worldwide as ISIS. ISIS is a jihadist terrorist group that is known for its alarming attacks.

Lead star Dominic Purcell recently confirmed that Prison Break will be dealing with the ISIS. Purcell, who plays the role of Lincoln, revealed that the next instalment of the series is going to discuss more serious things. The last four seasons of the show did not hold such gravity as what the upcoming season will provide. When Prison Break returns for season 5, viewers will definitely encounter more danger and thrills.

Aside from having the terrorist group as a background, Purcell provided more major hints about what fans can expect from the much awaited season. The 46-year-old actor revealed that his character will be trying to get his brother out of a Yemeni prison. The Yemeni prison is said to be one of most dangerous prisons in the world. Purcell commented that with all that going on, Prison Break Season 5 will definitely take viewers to another level.

In addition, the official trailer for Prison Break revival has been released. Based on the teaser, Lincoln will fly to Yemen as soon as he finds out that Michael is still alive. He also learns that his brother is embroiled in terrorism. Lincoln?s primary goal is to get his brother out of where he is.

The Yemeni prison is not the only place that Michael should be out of. Lincoln and Michael also have to get out of the country. Based on the trailer and the big revelations from Purcell, it isn?t hard to tell that season 5 will see a bigger canvas. It is more relatable to what is happening now in other parts of the world.

When asked about how he feels about putting on the shoes of his character once more, Purcell recognized that their life experiences affect their choices as actors. Purcell said it is more of a grounded feeling.

The nine-part limited run of Prison Break is slated to be released on early 2017.

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