Prison Break Season 5 Spoilers: Sara Will Die In The Series? Michael To Seek Revenge?

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Prison Break previously announced its return going to its fifth season after Fox left off with the series in 2009. Details about the next season are still yet to be announced, but we might already have some Prison Break season 5 spoilers to give you a taste of the exciting things to come.

We?ve known for a while that Fox has officially confirmed that Prison Break will be returning for its fifth season and that actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will also be reuniting in the show. However, what fans may have been itching to learn are updates about the other stars who gave the show its excitement and non-stop action, particularly one Sarah Wayne Callies.

Prison Break season 5 spoilers

Season 5 of the popular Fox series will start off five years after the last season. According to Parent Herald, Sara Tancredi – the character played by Callies – is rumored to ?drop out? of the show. Fans were excited to hear that the brothers will be returning to the show. However, let?s not forget that without the help of other stars like Callies, Prison Break wouldn?t be as successful as it had become.

Michael Scofield gets revenge?

Rumors have indicated that Sara Tancredi will be killed off in the upcoming season that will force Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller?s character) to exact revenge on the one who killed her, Parent Herald shared.

It?s not yet clear if the rumors about Callies not returning to season 5 is true, but during a previous interview with Forbes, the actress liked the idea of coming back if the plot of the next season will be something to remember. ?I?ve been approached. The talks are happening. I don?t know where they?re gonna go. You know, for me, it?s gotta begin and end with the material,? Callies said in a statement.

?Like, if the material is either worthy of the faith that the fans put in it or it?s not. I don?t want to do anything that feels like a reunion because it would be cool to get the band back together,? she added. ?I want to do something because there?s more story to tell.?

In any case, if the rumors do come true about Sarah Wayne Callies not returning to the show, Fox should have something surprising to make up for it.

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