Prison Break Season 5 Spoilers: Sara?s New Husband Jacob Will Sabotage Michael?s Rescue?

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Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break Season 5 will pick up in Yemen where Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), who was presumed dead, has been locked up. His brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) found out about his location and plans to go on a rescue mission. Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies), who is now married to another man, Jacob (Mark Feuerstein), wants to join the rescue mission as well. Will her new husband, Jacob, help in rescuing Michael? Or will he sabotage the rescue plans?

Sara and Michael fans are, of course, not happy that Sara has a new hubby. Michael was presumed dead for eight years and Sara tried to move on by finding a new father figure for their son, Little Mike. But turns out, Michael was in fact alive and had been recruited by a terrorist organization. He wanted to leave but was not allowed to, so he was locked up in prison in hopes of changing his mind.

The new hubby and daddy was originally named Scott Ness who was shown to be a good guy. But writers decided to change his character a little bit and gave him a new name, Jacob.

Now, we are still uncertain if Jacob is a friend or an enemy. But spoilers say that he will either help with Michael?s rescue or sabotage their plans, iDigitalTimes writes.

A recent post on Twitter from the show?s official account contained a photo of Feuerstein on set. The caption read, ?Everybody?s favorite new character, Jacob (formerly known as Scott).@markfeuerstein#PrisonBreak?

While a follow-up tweet said, ?I feel like you guys aren?t gonna give Jacob a chance. It?s not his fault he had to follow Michael Scofield.?

We have yet to see if Sara?s new hubby can be trusted, but it appears fans see him as a new villain in the show. If that?s the case, then Michael and Sara will have a chance to get back together and be a happy family with their son, Mike.

Meanwhile, release date rumors have surfaced on the web that the Prison Break revival will debut on March 2017. According to a report by Fashion n Style, a stuntman had tweeted a photo with a caption that said that he cannot wait until March 2017.

Do you think Jacob is a friend? Or is he more of an enemy?

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