Prison Break Season 5 Spoilers: Sara Tancredi To Die?

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Prison Break Spoilers
Prison Break Season 5

The much anticipated Fox revival Prison Break Season 5 is almost at the end of production with the shooting of final few scenes remaining and spoilers of the new season are already hinting at a pretty emotional ending that could see even the death of Dr. Sara Tancredi.

In a recent Q&A with Prison Break writers via their official Twitter account, it was revealed to fans that they should brace themselves for a rather emotional ending for Season 5.

@PBWritersRoom wrote ?Just between us, a couple of the assistants have already gotten a little teary over some of the scenes we’ve shot.?

The show’s writers hinted that the Prison Break Season 5 has already filmed quite a lot of emotional scenes for the season. While one of the emotional scenes appears to be Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln’s (Dominic Purcell) reunion, speculations from sites such as Parent Herald hint that Michael?s former prison doctor-turned-love interest Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) may also die in Season 5. The reports hint that since Michael has escaped death in Season 4, it is likely that the showrunners may end the life of Sara for a dramatic ending that may even be used to spin into a new Season 6.

Interestingly, Sara was supposed to die in the first season but fans loved her character so much that the show runners decided to bring her back. Later on, she was apparently killed in Season 3 when her head was delivered to Purcell but it was later revealed that her death was faked. So will Prison Break Season 5 ultimately be the end of her character? That, we will have to wait and see.

Another significant spoiler revealed by Purcell in an interview is that Michael somehow miraculously lived through death by electrocution, and got caught up with ISIS. But when he wanted out, they sent him to a prison in Yemen, hoping that the time behind bars would change his mind.

In addition, more of the Prison Break spoilers could be revealed when the all new footage of the limited series will be revealed at the Comic-Con in July. Leading stars Wentworth Miller and Purcell along with co-stars Callies and Robert Knepper will be joining the fans to talk about the new season at this year?s Comic-Con, according to iDigital Times. Executive Producer Vaun Wilmott will tag along with the cast, and besides the new footage, will be bringing with him behind-the-scenes stories as well as answers to burning questions we?ve been holding in for eight years.

The 9-episode limited Prison Break revival series is set to premiere sometime in Spring 2017.

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