?Prison Break? Season 5 Spoilers: Lincoln Burrows Gets Cryptic Tattoos, T-Bag Gets New Hand?

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Prison Break Spoilers
Prison Break Season 5

Fox?s revival series Prison Break Season 5 continues to be one of the most highly anticipated TV shows returning in the small screen. Though the crime drama series is still months away from its airing date in Spring 2017, rumors and speculations about the upcoming installment are keeping the hopes of fans alive.

The Prison Break teaser trailer that debuted back at the San Diego Comic-Con had fan favorite Michael Scofield still alive. Scofield is apparently now incarcerated at a prison called Ogygia in Yemen. He was apparently recruited for his ?prison-breaking? skills but got caught up with the worst underground criminals including the Islamic State. And now, he seeks to get out. This is when the powers that be put Michael behind bars.

Upon discovering Michael?s survival, his brother, Lincoln Burrows, sought to get him out. He, along with fellow Fox penitentiary cons, Sucre and C-Note, seek to reunite Scofield with his family.

Lincoln Burrows gets Tattoos

Scofield?s cryptic tattoos since the original Prison Break are all too famous. Michael had the map of the entire Fox River penitentiary on his body hidden beneath tattoos. The latest rumor has it that this time, Lincoln Burrows gets the cryptic tattoos in order to rescue his brother.

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Actor Dominic Purcell, who plays Burrows in the Prison Break series, lately shared his body tattoos on his social media account. Though Purcell didn’t caption the photos, the show?s creative team shared the same, hinting the possibility of him supporting those tattoos in the new Prison Break Season 5.


Even the teaser trailer released earlier showed Burrows having tattoos across his arm. The fans have started decoding the same tattoos with several finding the country of Yemen etched into his body. However, it remains unclear whether Burrows indeed will have the blueprints of the Yemen prison etched on his body.

T-Bag?s Role in the Revival Series

The psychotic criminal T-Bag also makes a return in Season 5 and his role in the new series remains a mystery. T-Bag does make an appearance in the teaser as he is the one giving Lincoln the pictures of his brother Michael, whom everyone believed to be dead. However, intentions of the psychotic villain remains questionable.

Is he there to harm or help Michael? Has T-Bag indeed reformed himself?

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It is the question on everybody?s mind and later the show’s writer and creator Paul Scheuring added even more mystery to the storyline. He posted a photo on his Instagram showing T-Bag in an operating room. He is surrounded by x-rays of what we suspect could be his new hand.

Scheuring captioned the post with: “You putting something in me, Doc?”

@robert_knepperofficial. You putting something in me, doc?

A post shared by Paul T. Scheuring (@paultscheuring) on

It seems something sinister is afoot since somebody is obviously paying T-Bag well enough to have a new hand. Or, maybe after all, the criminal gets reformed and joins forces with Michael and others. The wait for answers is still a long way since Prison Break Season 5 airs sometime in Spring 2017 yet.

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