‘Prison Break Season 5’ Release Not Happening Soon

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Was Season 4 already the end of the much-loved ?Prison Break??

If not, how long do we have to wait for its return?

The good news is?nope it?s not yet over!

But the bad news? We have to wait a little bit longer. So for now, hold on to your horses, as we present to you when the projected release of the next installment of the TV series is and what to expect.

According to Parent Herald, ?Prison Break? will start its shooting for Season 5 in April. But as to whether it will be air soon is yet to be confirmed. Rumors revealed that the next season will be launched later this year or worse in 2017.

Let?s just hope that we won?t wait a year (fingers crossed!).

But here are some things you should be expecting in the next season. Something that would still cheer you on and help keep the anticipation up. The report of Parent Herald speculated that next season might feature a love triangle, involving of course our favorite Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, and Dr. Sara Tancredi, portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies. Yes, you will still be seeing Callies in the forthcoming episodes. She confirmed her return but boldly revealed that it won?t be a usual reunion as she will play an integral role in the twist that will be happening.

So the question now is, what will be the reaction of Michael upon knowing that Sara has already married another man, Scott Ness? It is also expected that Prison Break will feature a five-year jump in, making it a bit vague for the audience on how did he survive from season 4. But no matter what the reason will be, it will surely affect the relationship of Sara and her current husband.

The official synopsis of the next season as posted in article revealed that as the two have underwent different paths already, Sara is not aware of Michael?s rise from the dead. But once she learns about it, she will be partnered with Lincoln Burrows, acted by Dominic Purcell.

The team up of Sara and Lincoln will possibly try to make the ?biggest escape? done in the history of the TV series. Other “Prison Break” cast member who will be returning Amaury Nolasco, who will play the role of Fernando Sucre.

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