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Prison Break Season 5 Release Date This Year? Shooting Starts This Spring

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The release date of Prison Break season 5 is yet to be announced, but there are already different speculations that are contrasting each other regarding the 5th season premiere of the Fox?s TV series.

According to our previous report, it was stated that the 5th season can be expected as early as September of this year because the production of the show will start filming come April. However, in a related article from Parent Herald, although there is a possibility that the release date of the show is going to happen in September, the report claimed that it could also happen in early 2017.

Despite the confusing release date of the TV series? season 5, here are the things the fans should expect from the show. First is the the return of the key characters like Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who played and will be playing brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.

Aside from these two great actors, it was recently confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies is also coming back to portray the role of Dr. Sara Tancredi. But, she revealed that it would not be a usual reunion as she will play an integral role in the twist that will be happening, continued Parent Herald. Also, Amaury Nolasco is reprising his role of Fernando Sucre.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that there will be new characters in Prison Break season 5. Augustus Prew (The Borgias), Rick Yune (Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift), and Steve Mouzakis (I, Frankenstein) are just some of the new actors joining the revival of the TV series.

Talking about the TV series, it can be recalled that back in its fourth season, Scofield already died because of a brain disease. Apparently, he did not actually pass away because he is returning in the fifth season. But, because Sara already considered Michael as dead, she has already moved on with her life and now married to another man, Scott Ness.

Now, when Sara heard of Michael?s ?resurrection?, she will be teaming up with the character?s brother, Lincoln, to look for her former lover and design the ?biggest escape? of the TV series ever. Obviously, this twist in the series will affect the married life of Sara and Scott, to which fans would probably approve as they want to witness the continuation of Michael-Sara love story.

Prison Break season 5 is going to start the production in April, and it is said to shoot in Vancouver, Canada. But, the release date is yet to be announced so we all have to wait for further confirmation about it.

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