Prison Break Season 5 Release Date: Wentworth Miller Says The New Show Is Happening Despite The Delays

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It seems we will have to wait further for the all new Prison Break Season 5. There have been no updates regarding the revival of the famous series other than the fact that schedules of actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell are the reason behind the delay. The delays have been questioned by some fans who believe the show is dead for sure.

Fear not and hear it from none other than Wentworth Miller, the actor behind our favorite Michael Scofield, that the show is happening.

The YouTube interview which was first picked up by Parent Herald shows Miller talking about the latest season of Prison Break.

?It is not a pick up from where we left off, it?s five years later where these characters go,? he revealed adding that things could possibly have changed since it?s been couples of months since he had talked with series creator Paul Scheuring.

He added that he would like to see the show incorporate the DVD ending which shows Michael Scofield as dead.

?I would like to believe we can honor the story that’s been told and not do a dream sequence kind of thing because I think the audience would not appreciate that sort of thing,? said Miller.

He said he would want to add a new chapter to the storyline otherwise they will be just doing a disservice to the amazing show and letting things down.

Earlier Miller had appeared on NBC’s Today Show where he jokingly shared how fans were really excited to see Prison Break characters, especially his since Scofield had died twice in the show. He also admitted that he “never imagined that we would be coming back five or six years later to revisit these characters. This is a treat and a privilege.”

Interestingly, Miller and Dominic Purcell, who play villain brothers on the CW?s Legends of Tomorrow, made a surprising Prison Break reference on the DC show. The episode fifth of the Legends titled ?Fail-Safe? sees Miller?s character prison break his brother Mick/ Heat Wave and Ray/Atom from the Russian gulag.

Tasked with breaking his allies out of jail, Miller’s character, Leonard Snart / Captain Cold, quipped: “This isn’t my first prison break!”

The Prison Break Season 5 has yet to begin shooting, so the release date of the show is unconfirmed. Hopefully though later this year or in 2017 we can catch the revival series.

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