Prison Break Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: Why People Are Waiting For The New Season

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Prison Break Season 5 spoilers
Prison Break Season 5 Michael Scofield

Though the Prison Break season 5 release date is still under wraps, the official twitter account has been lately teasing spoilers for the upcoming revival series.

The Prison Break twitter account dropped an obscure hint about Michael?s escape plan. A GIF shows a crumpled piece of paper that reads: ?Find the Sheik of light and I will be free.? It is easy to assume, that Michael has written this note and passed it to his brother Lincoln.

The word ?sheik? usually means a powerful Muslim leader or a village chief. Possibly, Lincoln will seek outside help to rescue Michael from the Ogygia prison in Yemen. Though, who this mysterious Sheikh is remains unknown, speculations suggest it could be Pakistani actor Faran Tahir?s character Jamil. Other than that, it is unclear what the clue means.



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T-Bag and Paul Kellerman?s Insidious Plan

This is far from the first cryptic messages Fox has given fans. The twitter account even teased the epic story to continue far beyond Micheal breaking out of the prison. ?Getting out of prison is just the beginning,? the account teased with GIF showing Michael, Lincoln and others running.

The crew will be facing far serious threats when they escape the prison. Though T-Bag was the one who revealed to Lincoln regarding Michael being alive, there is more to the psychotic villain?s plans. He could be aligned with a government agency interested in using Michael?s skills.

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Since Paul Kellerman is returning to the show, it can only be assumed that he has something sinister up his sleeve. Last seen running for President of the United States, the former secret service agent has been always a treacherous kind. He is the one possibly running the show to help Michael escape and only to recruit the brothers for doing some dirty work.

Prison Break Release Date

There hasn?t been many updates since the Prison Break trailer dropped at the San Diego Comic Con in July. The official Prison Break release date remains unclear so far. What we know for sure is that Prison Break will premiere in Spring 2017 on a Thursday night on FOX.

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Rumors though have it that the Prison Break season 5 will have a March 2017 premiere. The same was hinted at by several of the cast and crew members. In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest update on the Prison Break release date and more teaser trailers.

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