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Prison Break Season 5 Release Date & Cast

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Prison Break Season 5
Prison Break Season 5

Prison Break Season 5 is set to premiere in early 2017 on Fox. There is no exact date yet but the production has been ongoing. Even an injury during the shoot did not hinder the project. This Prison Break ?Season 5 revival was quite unexpected as back in 2010, it looked like the show had a good closure.

As pointed out by Digital Spy, Wentworth Miller implied that the show was unlikely to return. Also, the apparent death of Michael Scofield, Miller?s character, at the end of Prison Break Season 4 seemed to have nailed the coffin shut for a comeback. Now in Prison Break Season 5, as we know, Michael is not dead. He is still alive and in a Yemen prison. The cast is now set to break him free in probably the most daring prison break feat they have attempted.

But the question is, who is in the Prison Break Season 5 cast?

Well, Miller is certainly one. He will reprise his role as Michael Scofield. Dominic Purcell will also reprise his role as Lincoln Burrows, Michael?s brother. As you may remember, he is the one that had the freak injury on set while filming Prison Break Season 5. That?s a gimme. ?Amaury Nolasco, who played Fernando Sucre, Michael?s cellmate, is also reported to be back for the new episodes. Of course, what would Prison Break Season 5 be without Sarah Wayne Callies? She will also be back to reprise her role as Sara Tancredi, Michael?s love.

But she might not be Sara Tancredi anymore as Royal Pains actor Mark Feuerstein plays the role of Scott Ness, who is expected to be Sara Tancredi?s new love or husband. This would make a new interesting dynamic in the show.

It is also believed that the villain T-Bag or Theodore Bagwell will return as Robert Knepper is expected to reprise the role. Rockmond Dunbar will also be back as Benjamin ?C-Note? Franklin.

Of course, there will also be new characters in Prison Break Season 5.

Rick Yune has been casted to play Ja, a genius identity thief. It is speculated that he will be helping Michael to blend in once he is out. Augustus Prew of Kick-Ass 2 is also expected to be part of the show and will play the role of Whip. Amin El Gamal was also casted to play Cyclops. Torchwood actress Marina Benedict is also in to play a villainess called ?A&W?. Kunai Sharma will be playing Sid, an artsy prisoner put to jail because of her sexuality.

Meanwhile, check the official trailer below.

Stay tuned for more Prison Break Season 5 plot updates.

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