Prison Break Season 5 Premiere Spoilers: Michael Is Alive!

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Prison Break revival spoilers
Prison Break Season 5 premiere date

Fox?s highly anticipated Prison Break sequel, alternatively Season 5 of the series, has not been given an official release date yet. All we know is the next chapter of Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and family opens in Spring 2017. The premiere episode airs as part of the network’s midseason schedule on Thursdays nights at 9 pm.

Premiere Episode Spoilers

Michael Scofield Alive

The premiere episode will open up by revealing Michael Scofield?s (Wentworth Miller) fate. Although he was thought to be dead in the direct to DVD Final Break, Scofield is apparently alive after faking his death. The news of Michael?s survival reach the ears of his brother Lincoln through their nemesis T-Bag.

The teaser trailer shows T-Bag reporting the news to Lincoln who then informs Michael?s wife Dr. Sara Tancredi. It is revealed Michael is alive and well in a prison in Yemen. He is, once again, in the cross hairs of a shady organization that is tied to ISIS. The authorities have branded him as an infamous terrorist known as ?Kaniel Outis.?

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Speculations have suggested Michael?s death was covered by government agencies. He may have started working as part of the US government?s anti terrorist operations in the region. It is not known how Michael got ultimately entangled with likes of ISIS. But, it is the question that is yet to have answers and should be given once the season will air.

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Lincoln faces attempt on his life

Meanwhile, @PrisonBreakWritersRoom revealed that LJ and Sofia will not be in Lincoln?s life when the premiere episode opens. The reason why Lincoln is away from his family and details of his life after Michael left are set to be revealed too. He supposedly has a new girlfriend, Cate, who works with him, according to rumors.

Lincoln will face a near death experience that?s an attempt on his life in the opening episode. The sneak peak from leaked storyboards revealed Lincoln driving a Tesla in a car chase. The local villains Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict) seek to finish him off. Apparently, someone does not want him to go looking around for Michael.

Prison Break Season 5 episode 1 will also see return of several original characters. Lincoln will seek help of their old prison crew for his mission to rescue Michael. C-Note and Sucre are expected to join Lincoln on his journey to Yemen.

In addition, with secret service agent Paul Kellerman may make an appearance in the first episode itself. Probably Kellerman may have dispensed the information about Michael?s survival and used the psychotic villain T-Bag to get this done. There is some deep conspiracy running once again. It may hope to use Michael and the crew to break someone out of prison.

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The answers to the underlying mysteries will finally be revealed when the premiere episode airs. Prison Break season 5 is set to return to the small screen in Spring 2017.

In the meantime, stay tuned to TheBitBag for more regular updates and released information on Prison Break season 5.

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