Prison Break Season 5 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Plot On T-Bag, Paul Kellerman, & Caroline Reynolds Teased

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Prison Break Revival
Prison Break Season 5

Another few months till the Prison Break Season 5 makes it to the small screen but the revival series still tops as one of the most active tv shows on the social media. Day-in day-out rumors indicating fate of brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows in sequel series keep the fans going.

The plotline seems much clearer now with the teaser trailers revealing that supposedly dead Scofield is not only alive but incarcerated at Ogygia Prison in Yemen. Michael got involved with likes of Islamic State (ISIS) and ultimately ends up in prison once he decides to get out. He is once again in cross hairs of a shady organization and the system has branded him as most dangerous terrorist ?Kaniel Outis?.

Back in U.S., Scofield and Sara Tancredi?s son Michael Jr. is curious to know who his real father is. Sara having moved on is now married to Jacobs but is elated when Linc informs her Michael is alive. Lincoln and the Fox River crew including Sucre and C-Note set course to rescue Michael in their largest ?prison break? yet.

T-Bag Friend or Foe?

Another character returning for Prison Break sequel series is Theodore Bagwell aka T-Bag (Robert Knepper). The psychotic villain is the first one to learn Michael is alive and in turn informs Linc. Though the trailer indicates that T-Bag is reformed man now it seems bit preposterous.

T-Bag cut deal with the Company to frame Scofield in Season 2. It could be entirely possible he is involved in some sort of conspiracy once again. The series creators too have been teasing T-Bag?s active role as well.

The plausible theory is that T-Bag will once again betray the brothers. Somebody powerful is pulling his strings as revealed by creator Paul Scheuring? Instagram post. T-Bag in an operating room surrounded by x-rays of what we suspected could be his new hand.Obviously he is being rewarded handsomely for baiting Linc and others. The @PBWritersRoom indicated the same that T-Bag may say true to his nature and past.

Paul Kellerman

Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman

Paul Adelstein as Paul Kellerman

One of notable characters in the series, Secret Service agent Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) is too returning. His loyalty too is questionable regarding Michael and family. Though initially targeting the brothers, Paul even helped exonerating Linc in season 2. His role in Season 5 remains unclear but he is now apparently running for U.S. presidency.

Caroline Reynolds?

Caroline Reynolds Prison Break

Caroline Reynolds Prison Break

Fans are excited to know the fate of former President Caroline Reynolds who actively was involved in the conspiracy to frame Burrows for murder of her brother Terrence Steadman. However, Season 2 saw her step down as President when Michael blackmails her into giving up clemency for Linc. The series creators have indicated that Reynolds won?t be coming back but she was alive when we last left her.

Release Date

The Prison Break Season 5 release date remains elusive so far. Though rumors indicate Fox might consider premiering the show in 2016 itself, the official say is it won?t air until 2017.?The nine-episode limited fifth season of Prison Break airs Thursdays starting Spring 2017. Stay tuned for more updates.

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