‘Prison Break’ Season 5 News: Terrorism Will Be Part Of The Plot

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Prison Break Season 5
Prison Break Season 5

The much anticipated Prison Break Season 5 has almost finished shooting and fans are pretty much excited to learn more about Michael Scofield and his family in the upcoming revival series.

After Fox debuted the first trailer of Prison Break Season 5, one of the major plotlines was confirmed as apparently dead Michael Scofield was found to be alive and well but imprisoned in Yemen. The storyline seemed quite apparent when Lincoln Burrows and Sara Tancredi were informed of his survival, the whole of their gang goes on a final rescue mission to get Michael back to his wife and son.

But lately actor Dominic Purcell who plays Lincoln, brother to Wentworth Miller?s Michael Scofield, revealed that the plotline in the Middle East has much more to offer as it deals with terrorism and the real life threat of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Purcell, who recently got himself seriously injured while working on the sets of Prison Break in Morocco, revealed more about the revival series in an interview with Deadline. Purcell had suffered a broken nose and a head injury when a set piece was dislodged and an iron bar fell on his head resulting to two deep gashes on the top of his head, the larger of which required 150 stitches.

?It?s (Prison Break) tying into what?s going on in the world today with terrorism,? Purcell said. ?The show is taking place in Yemen; we?re dealing with ISIS and ISA, and obviously we left off with Michael presumably dead. He wasn?t, he ended up working for this organization. It got to the point where he couldn?t do it anymore, and they threw him in a jail in Yemen to change his mind. He didn?t change his mind, they set him up??

It seems like Michael may have been working for the ISIS and when he refused to continue working for them, he was set up by the organization. Though the ISIS is far more brutal and unforgiving, it could also be another way around as Michael may be working with government-run agencies in Yemen.

Purcell even revealed that one of his scenes will show him running into the prison looking for his brother Michael while all the guards were running out because Yemen was in complete chaos and the prison gates were left open.

Furthermore, Purcell compared the nine-episode Prison Break Season 5 series to a ?cross between Bourne Identity and American Sniper? and added that fans are going to be blown by the extraordinary and high-tension thriller.

Meanwhile, @PBWritersRoom revealed the shooting of the fifth season is almost complete and within a few more months the series will be ready for broadcast. However, Prison Break Season 5 is scheduled to premiere on FOX in early 2017 yet.

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