Prison Break Season 5 Launch, News & Updates: Will Sara Die?

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Fox Prison Break Revival updates
Prison Break Season 5 release date

FOX?s Prison Break season 5 is set for a Spring 2017 release. The highly hyped series continues inspiring fans to look for every tidbit of updates regarding the popular series. However, ever since the trailer dropped back in August, there has been no official update from the network.

Prison Break 5 Release Date

Fox?s spring release points to sometime in March and April of next year. Rumors, however, have regularly suggested a March premiere date for the Prison Break revival series.

The creative team?s official link, @PBWritersRoom, had hinted the same saying that fans can expect the show well before April. In fact, one of crew members inadvertently revealed that Prison Break 5 will air on March 2017. Dominic Purcell?s stunt double, John MacDonald, tweeted he couldn?t wait until March to catch the epic show.

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Prison Break Season 5 spoilers

Of course by this time, everyone following the revival series knows that Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and the rest of the crew are set to go on another prison breaking spree. Scofield, thought to be dead at the end of the Final Break, is apparently alive. Somehow, he had faked his death. He is confined to a prison in Yemen, and is now known as the infamous terrorist Kaniel Outis. The involvement of the ever conspiring government agencies can?t be ruled out.

In the meantime, his ex-wife, Dr. Sara Tancredi, has moved on with her life. She is married to someone new, Jacob Ness, an Economics professor at Cornell University. However, her son with Scofield, Michael Jr., insists on meeting his father. Fortunately for Sara, Lincoln arrives with news of Scofield?s survival courtesy of one of Michael?s old nemesis, psychotic killer T-Bag.

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Major Character to Die?

While Michael may have survived the ordeal after four long seasons of prison breaking, one of the major characters is hinted to die in the upcoming season. During a Q&A session with Prison Break writers, it was revealed that fans should brace themselves for a rather emotional ending for Season 5.

@PBWritersRoom wrote ?Just between us, a couple of the assistants have already gotten a little teary over some of the scenes we’ve shot.?

Speculations have been rife that one of the Michael allies will die towards the ending. Fans expect that showrunners might kill Sara within moments after meeting Michael for a dramatic ending. Michael?s former prison doctor turned love interest was even killed in the third season only to return unfazed in the next.

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Others believe that Lincoln will be the one to go down. He was the sole reason why Michael took steps into the criminal world to begin with. Apparently his death would be a full circle for Michael and his family as the show started with Lincoln on death row.

Prison Break season 5 returns sometime in Spring 2017.

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