Prison Break Season 5: Ending Coming Full Circle?

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Prison Break: Sequel but popularly known as Prison Break Season 5 will be released in 2017. The showrunners made people believe that Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) had died. This is not so because in Prison Break Season 5, he is alive and kicking. Well, that is in another prison cell in Yemen.

Lincoln Burros (Dominic Purcell) and Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Collins) began to know of this thanks to T-Bag?s (Robert Knepper) information. This is according to the show?s IMDb page. Now, they are planning the most daring escape yet. This is going to be in another country with a different culture situated halfway around the world.

Changes Back Home

The story is set after seven years when Season 4 ended. There is a time jump, and this means that there will be many changes in the lives of the characters. One big change is that Sara Tancredi is married. She believed like everybody else that Michael is dead. It is rumored that in Prison Break Season 5, she had tied the knot with Scott Ness, to be played by Mark Feuerstein.

What makes this more interesting is that Michael has a son with Sara. He is named Mike Schofield as well. The character will be played by Christian Michael Cooper. He will also appear in 8 of the 9 episodes. This adds more intrigue as this may add a complex dynamic for Michael. How could he assimilate back to his family and friends after he escaping? Would he get a new life and just disappear? This is what the 9-episode sequel should solve.

Possible Endings

Fans have been speculating about how Prison Break Season 5 will end. Some think that Lincoln may sacrifice his life for Michael. This can bring the franchise into a full circle with Michael standing over the grave of his brother. Some believe that Sara will also die in the process. This could leave Michael and little Mike living free lives.

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