Prison Break Season 5 Cast, Release Updates: Mark Feuerstein Changes Character; Dominic Purcell Hints Season 6!

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While we all wait for the airing of Prison Break Season 5, more and more updates are being revealed. It should be remembered that we have previously reported that the fate of the sixth installment lies in the revival season.

However, it appears that even if season 5 is yet to be released, the continuation of the series looms. This after one of the lead actors in the show, Dominic Purcell, hinted that a sixth season is possible. The filming of the upcoming show has just concluded recently.

How did Purcell drop the bomb? Well, the actor posted on his Instagram a photo thanking the star of the show Wentworth Miller, who portrayed the role by Michael Scofield, for working together anew for the fifth installment of Prison Break.

Along with his gratitude is hype for the forthcoming show, saying that if the fans had appreciated the pilot season of the series, then the revival show is definitely something to watch out for. He also said that a sixth season is possible. This despite Fox is yet to bare the final exact date of Prison Break Season 5 release. ??

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Meanwhile, it is expected that Purcell, who is playing the role of Lincoln Burrows, will be exchanging the role with Michael Scofield in the show. It must be known that Michael was the one who penetrated the Fox River State Penitentiary and planned for Burrows? escape.

But since Michael will be the one who will be imprisoned in the fifth season, it will be Lincoln?s turn to help the former bolt out of the prison. We also reported that he will be getting some help from Michael?s former partner Sara in planning the biggest escape of the series. It is also foreseen that the reason behind the bogus death of Michael will finally be revealed in the show.

On the other hand, a sudden revelation was revealed on Twitter. Mark Feuerstein was first introduced as Sara?s new husband. He is expected to play the role of Scott Ness. However, Paul Scheuring recently called him as Jacob. In a Twitter post, he mentioned Feuerstein as Jacob without any explanation given.

This leave the actor?s character undetermined especially on whether he will be an antagonist or protagonist in the revival season. Everyone is looking forward to the encounter of him and Michael.

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