Prison Break Season 5 Cast, Release Date: Augustus Prew To Play Funny Role; Who Else Are In?

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The much anticipated Prison Break Season 5 is still in pre-production stages as Fox continues to add new cast for the drama series that will likely start shooting beginning this month.

According to TV Line, Augustus Prew (The Borgias) and Rick Yune (Marco Polo) are the latest actors to join the revival of the Prison Break series. ?Prew will play a character named Whip, who is described as funny, crazy (read: lethal) and pretty damn sharp. Yune, meanwhile, will portray Ja, a Korean identity thief whose disheveled appearance belies his genius.?

The latest news comes on heels of earlier revelation that Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein was added to play the character of Scott Ness who is also husband of Dr. Sara Tancredi.
He is a professor of Economics (Game Theory) at Cornell and described as a ?rather anxious professor who is dubious of the government, but proves he?s got significant fight in him when up against it.?

Earlier it was revealed that two new characters would be joining the show that include Cate, a woman in her 30s, who may be Lincoln?s girlfriend, as they work together at a dive shop in Florida; and Sheba, a beautiful 20-year-old Middle Eastern smuggler. We are yet to see who will be playing these characters.

The nine-episode limited series had already signed on actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell since last year, who will reprise their lead roles as Michael Scofield and and Lincoln Burrows, respectively. Their commitment to DC?s Legends of Tomorrow had earlier delayed the revival for a number of times.

However, there is no news whether actress Sarah Wayne Callies who plays the role of Sara Tancredi, will be joining the revival series. Callies? involvement in her new project sci-fi series Colony has repeatedly put the Fox drama on hold, as she has yet to confirm if she is returning.

?I have gotten the call, and we?re really working on it,? she said. ?I?m on a new show called Colony, they?ve just picked us up for a second series, so we?re doing the schedule puzzle pieces right now. I?ve gotta have faith they?re going to make it work because they know how much it means to me, and it means a lot to them too, so fingers crossed there?ll be good news.?

Meanwhile, rumors are about that in case Callies decides not to join the drama, her character Sara could be killed off. That could certainly form a good plot and could pass off as a reason why Scofield should choose to return after all these years as Sara is his wife.

Additionally, we will see the return of the psychotic villain T-Bag, who appears to be in quite a good shape, after being released from the Fox River State Penitentiary. Also returning to the show are C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), who are expected to join the team in their new quest. C-Note, too, lives in New York now and is the respected leader of an islamic center next to a Mosque, He advocates against radicalization. On the other hand, Sucre is now working on a freelance cargo ship that travels the world transporting illegal things.

The new series will see brothers Michael and Lincoln embarking on a new quest in an international level, with the action spanning from the U.S. to Yemen.

?The story unravels on an international landscape ? it?s not a domestic [plot],? Fox co-chariman/CEO Dana Walden had recently shared. ?We open on a very international contemporary-feeling story.?

Given that the shooting of Prison Break Season 5 is yet to begin the show wouldn?t air soon and so the most likely release date could be in 2017.

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