Prison Break Season 5 Air Date & Spoilers: Last Day Of Shooting Tells Us Something Big Is Coming?

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Prison Break Season 5 is reportedly on the last week of filming its revival installment and as fans get closer to the premiere each day, several spoilers are circulating on the web such as Lincoln Burrows taking the lead role and T-Bag appearing only in one episode.

During the first four seasons, it can be recalled that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) planned the escape of his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) from prison. He was successful in doing it for several times as they both got in and out of jail during the entire TV series.

However, recent reports suggest that that would not be the case this time and Michael will no longer be the one planning all things for them. Instead, it will be Lincoln. The reports were also complemented by the trailer released for the show as a photo of Michael in prison was handed to Lincoln.

Furthermore, if Lincoln would take the lead role, it seems like he is going to plan a prison break to free his brother from a middle-eastern jail. Also, that would imply that Purcell?s character will have longer screen exposure unlike the previous four seasons where Michael Scofield took charge most of the time.

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Another rumor that surrounds Prison Break Season 5 is that Theodore ?T-Bag? Bagwell (Robert Knepper) will only appear in one episode. The rumor started when the character was only seen for about a few seconds in the trailer released. But luckily, it was immediately dismissed by the writers.

Aside from Michael, Lincoln and T-Bag, another old face that will be seen in the upcoming installment is Dr. Sara Tancredi, played by Sarah Wayne Callies. However, there is no information yet as to what role the doctor and T-Bag are going to play in the escape plan being cooked up by Lincoln Burrows.

For more information about the fifth season of the Fox?s TV show, fans could wait until the San Diego Comic Con 2016, which will take place from July 21 to 24, wherein most of the cast of the series will be in attendance. Executive producer Vaun Wilmott is also going to be there and they are expected to reveal some spoilers about the installment as well as release a special sneak peek for the attendees.

Are you excited about Prison Break Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The installment of the show is expected to premiere fall of 2017.

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