Prison Break Revival: San Diego Comic-Con Trailers, Spoilers and Release Date

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Prison Break Season 5
Prison Break Revival

It?s been ages since anything new came up regarding Fox?s Prison Break revival series but the show?s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con unveiled a new footage and a fresh trailer.

In the previously unreleased clip, Wentworth Miller?s Michael Scofield secures a piece of gum that he claims is critical to getting a new great escape started.

?I?m gonna show you – just like the butterfly’s wings, this piece of gum is going to start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world,? he tells a fellow inmate.

The Comic-Con trailer, however, is just a repeat of the same TV Upfronts trailer that debuted back in May but with some additional scenes. We get a first look at Sara?s (Sarah Wayne Callies) husband, Jacob, played by actor Mark Feuerstein. There are also some previously unseen shots of some terrorist organizations involved in the plot.


Apparently, Michael?s ?prison-breaking? skills landed him with some dangerous underground criminals and even with the terrorist organization ISIS. He is now known as the infamous terrorist, Kaniel Outis, who has had quite a success breaking people out of prisons. His refusal to go with their plans is the sole reason that he is incarcerated at the Ogygia penitentiary in Yemen.

?He?s walked a dark road,? Miller said. ?In the years since we last saw him, he?s been a part of some deep, dark government funded plots, and that?s left a mark on him. He is tortured by some of the things that he?s seen and that he?s participated in.?

Also, Michael now supports a new set of tattoos in his lower arms that play a key role in the escape attempt to get home to his family. ?The tattoos are functional in a different way,? Miller says of his latest ink. ?It?s less of a blueprint. They serve a very specific purpose.?


Lincoln Burrows attempts to rescue his brother Michael but before he reaches Yemen, he will be facing another enemy as a shady organization wouldn?t like the secret of Michael being alive out. The storyboards of the Prison Break chapter give a sneak peek of a car chase in the premiere episode, where Lincoln is run off the road by new villains Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict).

Meanwhile, speaking to TVLine on whether or not there will be another season of the show, Miller said ?Maybe. I think that the appreciation for this universe and these characters, that?s there. Our audience is never really going away.?

?But it?s about telling a good story. If we can?t come up with a great hook, a reason to be, then I don?t think we should do it.?

Miller also addressed the question about his character?s resurrection in the new series promising?the explanation is ?cool, unexpected and justified.?

Prison Break is set to return sometime in Spring 2017. The exact release date has not been revealed so far but you check here for the rumored date that was hinted by one of the crew members of series.

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