Star Wars Video Game Fans Pay Tribute to Princess Leia

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The death of Carrie Fisher is undoubtedly one of the most heartbreaking events to end 2016. Fisher is best known for her role as the beloved Princess Leia Organa. She starred in the original?Star Wars?trilogy, as well as the latest installment, The Force Awakens.

Following her passing, Star Wars video fans have come together to pay tribute to Princess Leia. Fisher died yesterday, December 28, due to a massive heart attack. Fans would never want to miss the chance to pay respect for the life she lived.

Players from nearly all servers of BioWare?s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic have gathered at an area called House Organa. The area is situated on the planet Alderaan. Fans were kneeling and mourning.

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A Tribute To Leia

An avatar that resembles Leia?s white costume and iconic hair is perhaps one of the best tributes we have seen so far. It was reportedly created by one of the players. The avatar stands in an open area.

Other players took to the chat windows to share their heartfelt messages. Player Tay?lirrubygleam wrote, ?Republic and Imperial alike. We all loved Carrie Fisher and still do. God bless us all and God bless Carrie Fisher as she gazes at us from heaven (or the Force).?

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Star Wars: Battlefront players also have their unique ways of paying tribute to Fisher. Fans of the game asked DICE to release a new skin for Princess Leia. Dice is the game?s developer.

Battlefront is an online player-vs-player game that allows gamers to play as characters from the original trilogy. These include Princess Leia. The only skin for the character was the costume she wears during the battle on the ice planet Hoth.

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Fans would also remember Fisher as one of the most sought-after Hollywood script doctors. She polished the scripts of some of our favorite movies. These include Hook, Sister Act, Scream 3 and the Star Wars prequels.

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