Prince William, Kate Middleton Divorce to be finalized in 2017?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Divorce
Prince William Kate Middleton Divorce

Divorce between Kate Middleton and Prince William looms ahead and could probably happen soon enough in 2017, if recent rumors are to be believed. The British Royal couple has been having troubles in their marriage lately but are covering this up by constantly diverting attention to their children.

Rumors were boosted after the apparent lack of the wedding ring on the Prince?s finger. Though the couple went out for numerous occasions, the ring always seem to be missing, reports Inquisitr. The website cited this as a sign of trouble brewing within the royalty.

The fight between Middleton and Prince William further intensified lately after reports emerged that the couple skipped their friend Oliver Hick’s wedding. The Prince?s close friend at Eton tied the knot with Rose Kingscote last weekend but the royal couple failed to attend the wedding. A source claimed that the couple just wanted to avoid the media stir regarding their looming split.

Sibling Rivalry Likely to Split the Royal Couple

Sources claim that Middleton and Prince William are reportedly fighting over the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle romance. Informants have it that Middleton wants the Suits actress out of their lives. She is doing all she can to convince Prince William and Queen Elizabeth to have Prince Harry break up with Markle.

Speculations are rife that Middleton considers Prince Harry and Markle as a threat to her bid as the next Queen of the British Kingdom. Sources claim that Prince William is the main brain behind the black propaganda against Markle. Reports, however, say that Middleton is the one pulling the strings and desperately wants the Prince Harry and Markle romance to fail.

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Queen Elizabeth Involved?

Meanwhile, rumors claim that Queen Elizabeth is driving a wedge between the royal couple. The Queen and Markle are hand in gloves planning revenge against the Duchess of Cambridge. Markle wants to oust Middleton once and for all from the Palace.

The Queen is apparently not happy with the royal couple. She even called Prince William and Middleton the laziest couple in royalty. Her Majesty isn?t impressed with the way the Duchess is not taking her royal duties seriously, after she learned of Middleton complaining about them.

The Queen wants to get rid of Middleton for having a bad influence on Prince William. She lately even burdened the couple with royal duties so they couldn?t spend time together. Gossipers even have it that the Queen is instead planning to pass the mantle of King and Queen to Prince Harry and Markle.

However, neither Prince William or any other royalty have said a word about the divorce rumors. It is better to take such news with a pinch of salt as they could turn out to be entirely false.

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