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Prince Harry

Prince Harry has shared his memories about his mom Princess Diana. He said that he has a lot of buried emotions associated with his mother?s death.

?I never really dealt with what had happened. It was a lot of buried emotion. For a huge part of my life I didn?t really want to think about it. I used to bury my head in the sand and let everything. I was fighting the system, going ?I don?t want to be this person?. My mother died when I was very, very young and I don?t want to be in this position,? Prince Harry said in the documentary Prince Harry in Africa.

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The documentary will be featured on the television to mark the 10th anniversary of the charity organization, Sentebale, according to Express. This charity organization was founded as a respect to Princess Diana who had a great passion for social service.

Prince Harry also admitted that he is successfully coping up with his life and enjoying it thoroughly. He revealed that Princess Diana is the inspiration for him to take up charity works.

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People are admiring Prince Harry?s good works. Previously, he has been seen as just like another royal guy. But now he is proving his abilities. Recently, he has said that he wants to use his royal reputation for the wellbeing of people.

Is Prince Harry Getting Married?

The 32-year-old handsome Prince is likely to tie the knot soon. His name is linked with actress Meghan Markle. Prince Harry and Markle were spotted at London’s Heathrow a couple of days ago. According to Woman?s Day, Prince Harry was there to give a romantic send off to his girlfriend.

In the last week, the couple purchased a Christmas tree ?from the shop called Pines and Needles, in London’s Battersea Park. The store owner has revealed that Prince Harry paid the bill which was about $96.

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Prince Harry met Markle in Toronto. It was a last minute plan. He was returning from Africa. Rather than going to London directly, he decided to meet Markle in Toronto. She was there for her new film.

?It?s just another sign of how head-over-heels he is about her. He is absolutely besotted. We?ve never seen him so happy ? it?s great,? a source said.

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