Prince Harry Engaged? Why Are British Tax Payers Unhappy About Harry’s Relationship with Meghan Markle?

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?s relationship has been causing a lot of feels not just in Britain, but all over the world. News that a wedding in the Palace is happening soon are leading?people to ask: Is Prince Harry Engaged?

The blossoming relationship between?Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been breaking the Internet ever since the prince confirmed their royal love affair. Everybody just seems to be happy that the prince is taking things seriously when it comes to his relationship with The Suits? actress.

But is Prince Harry taking it too seriously with Markle that he?s forgetting what needs to be done in his country?

Prince Harry Disappoints British Taxpayers

The truth is, not everybody is happy about how the prince is behaving. Recent news reported that Prince Harry broke protocol after his tour in the Caribbean to visit Meghan Markle.

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According to several reports, instead of flying directly to London after his Caribbean tour, the prince took a side-trip to Toronto to visit his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Not that the British taxpayers are just hating for no reason. The taxpayers are just concerned about where their taxes are going.

Even though Prince Harry is already taking the initiative to pay for the extra ticket that he availed to visit his girlfriend, the taxpayers remain unpleased. They?re actually quite precise with what the prince has to pay. Get your calculators ready.

Prince Harry

Travelling to Toronto wasn?t just about the cost of the plane ticket. He has to pay for the bodyguards of course, and the entourage. Just to make it clear, they?re not furious at all about his personal relationships.

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It?s just strictly forbidden for any members of the royal family to incorporate their private trips to public appearances. Thus, their disappointment. There hasn?t been any reports about what Prince Harry has to say about all the fuss.

Prince Harry?Engaged; Wedding Announcement on Christmas?

It?s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against the world, and it seems like people are just awaiting for the official announcement of their engagement.

Previous reports state that the couple is willing to do just about anything to make their relationship work. This is?really apparent given their recent actions. The prince even wants to spend Christmas with Meghan Markle!

Will Prince Harry finally propose to Meghan Markle this upcoming holidays??

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