Prince Harry Latest News: Royal Bodyguards Hired for Meghan Markle?

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Prince Harry latest news indicates that the prince considers hiring a royal bodyguard for Meghan Markle. And, it looks like the prince is not entrusting the security of his love to just anyone. Prince Harry is reportedly hiring a former royal bodyguard to ensure that Markle is safe every time she visits him in the United Kingdom.

Amid extensive coverage of their relationship, it seems the 32-year-old is now worried about his girlfriend?s safety. A retired Scotland Yard personal protection officer might be the one to look after the Suits star.

Prince Harry previously stated through Communications Secretary Jason Knauf that he is worried about Markle’s safety. Reports claim that he is “deeply disappointed” that he is not able to protect her.

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Markle is allegedly overwhelmed by the media since her relationship with Prince Harry was exposed. She is now currently residing in the city of Toronto while filming for the hit television series, Suits.

Long Distance Relationship

Although the lovebirds are currently in a long distance relationship, Daily Mail noted that they made a number of trips to see each other. It seems that the two are being very careful not to be spotted by the paparazzi though. ?

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Prince Harry reportedly went to Canada to spend time with his girlfriend in October. Markle returned the visit as she spent some time off from work in London. Eyewitnesses claim that she was seen shopping in the upmarket Whole Foods on Kensington High Street.

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Markle indeed has all the attention now. Some fans could not help but express their admiration for the actress while others say she is no good for a prince. Some people say the fact that she is a divorcee makes her unworthy to be married to a prince.

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