Prince Harry Is Loving Jenna Coleman: Is The Actress Hiding The Truth?

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry?s name is heard with beautiful actress Jenna Coleman. The actress had faced a very awkward situation when she was asked about Prince Harry during a television show.

Coleman was the guest at the popular television show Good Morning Britain. The host, Kate Garraway, asked about Coleman?s pictures with Prince Harry. The actress felt uncomfortable. She just replied that Prince Harry is her good friend. ?

In 2015, Coleman was spotted with Prince Harry at a Polo match. The couple was enjoying their time together. ?It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning in to him and he had his hand on her knee. From their body language, it looked like they were really enjoying each other?s company. They were sitting very close, laughing lots and touching each other,? a source said at that time.

Coleman has been dating Game of Thrones star Richard Madden for some time. At present she is playing the character of Prince Harry?s great-great-great-great grandmother in the television serial ?Victoria,? according to The Sun.

Fans love to hear Prince Harry?s name with celebrities. Earlier, it was reported that Prince Harry likes ?pop star Ellie Goulding. As per the rumor, Prince Harry and the singer have been texting each other. Goulding had performed at Prince Harry?s brother?s wedding. Prince Harry and Goulding were seen at ?the Audi Polo challenge in Coworth Park, Berkshire last month.

Prince Harry?s name is heard with many girls. ?Even if I talk to a girl, that person is then suddenly my wife, and people go knocking on her door. If or when I do find a girlfriend, I will do my utmost ? to ensure that me and her can get to the point where we?re actually comfortable with each other before the massive invasion that is inevitably going to happen into her privacy,? Prince Harry said in an interview.

Royal family followers had believed that Prince Harry will marry Chelsy Davy. He was very keen on Davy. But later a source revealed that the couple could not carry their relationship forward even though Harry was very much interested. Prince Harry and Davy were dating each other from 2004 to 2010.

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