Prince Harry HIV Positive? The Truth Behind The Test

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Prince Harry HIV Positive? Positive about raising awareness about the condition, that is. The truth behind the test is that the British royalty is trying to raise awareness about HIV and to encourage other people to get checked out as well.

This HIV and Aids awareness campaign has been a major part of his public work. In the UK, there are over 100,000 people with HIV. The 2014 English public health records estimated that 18,100 people were not aware of their infection and are highly at risk of unknowingly spreading the virus.

According to BBC, for those aged 15 years old and above, the average HIV prevalence rate is 1.9 per 1,000 in population. Although, the rate jumps for gay men to 48.7 per 1,000, while the second most at risk are Black African women with 43.7 per 1,000 prevalence rate.

The 31-year-old royalty took the test to encourage other people to do the same. He underwent the test at the Guys and St. Thomas Hospital in Central London. He tested negative after a finger-prick test.

The prince only waited for a few moments to get the results and was amazed at how quick and easy it was. His result showed a blue spot on the test tray which indicated a negative result. However, the appearance of two spots will require further tests for a possible confirmation of an HIV-positive result.

Robert Palmer, a lead health adviser and psychosexual counsellor, was the one who carried out the procedure. He said that the prince was ?anxious? in doing the test.

Prince Harry admitted that he was nervous in a report by ABC. ?Even though I?m not from this part of London, or being the person that I am and the people that I end up being around, I?m sitting here and I?m still nervous,? the prince said.

Palmer was also asked about the significance of having a member of the Royal Family tested for HIV. ?It means this is a test for everybody,? he said. ?It doesn?t matter who you are, it?s a good idea to have an HIV test.?

The prince added that even if you are found to be HIV-positive, you can still lead normal lives.

Prince Harry?s HIV test procedure was also broadcast live via Facebook. Ian Green, the chief executive of an AIDS and HIV charity, Terrence Higgins Trust, said that broadcasting the event was “a groundbreaking moment in the fight against HIV.”

In his statement, he continued, ?Not only does it show His Royal Highness?s genuine and personal commitment to tackling the HIV epidemic, it will amplify a message to millions all over the world: testing for HIV is easy, quick and nothing to be feared.?

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