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Photography is a man-made blessing for framing those split-second shots for everyone to remember. It is also a useful tool for taking pot-shots of prominent personalities looking at their worst, then adding-in Photoshop to turn it into a splendid meme and make Twitter explode in delight. Prince Charles of Wales and his wife Duchess of Cornwall?Camilla?are the latest meme victims after a flapping Bald Eagle startled them during their visit in the 134th Sandringham Flower Show at Sandringham Estate Norfolk.


The incident happened when photographers asked the Prince of Wales to pet the mascot of 677 Squadron Army Corps, Daily Mail UK reported.?Charles was asked by photographers to pet Zephyr the eagle. But instead of a typical pose, we got a wacky shot as Prince Charles dodged the four-year-old Bald Eagle.

Twitter was caught ablaze when The Poke created #princecharlesbeingattackedbythethings to make fun of Prince Charles, spawning expert dozens of ?Prince Charles meme makers to share their masterpiece online.

Here are the best Prince Charles Meme From #princecharlesbeingattackedbythings:

Miley Cyrus?Twerks


Sharknado Attacks


Borat Scares the Duo

John Prescott Attacks!

Afraid in Space

Kid Steals the Prince?s ice cream

Dog sprays its stuff


The Prince leaps and catches!

Not me Drake!

Political joke, Charles gets scared of Nicola Sturgeon

I don?t want it Alex Salmond!


Calm yourself Shia LaBeouf!

We hope the Prince doesn?t get offended by these Tweets.

Just because the Prince was offended from the eagle, it doesn?t mean that he doesn?t like animals. Maybe the eagle just looked too aggressive for him. ?You must be joking. She would probably take off with me!? Charles said with a chuckle.

When the eagle went wild, Charles diverted his attention instead towards two tame Jack Russels, the Daily Mail UK reported.


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