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Prey Update: Flawless PC Launch Promised On Release

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Prey Arkane

Arkane Studios promises their fans that the Prey PC will be flawless when it finally launches. And if the promise lives up to the hype, Prey Arkane is going to be one of the best first-person shooters out there.

Prey Arkane Studios To Run Flawless At Launch?

Arkane Studios, in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks, is definitely proud to develop one of the most anticipated games of 2017. And of course, with great fan base comes great responsibility. As the fans show such excitement for the game, developers will be pressured to deliver an almost perfect product that will live up to the expectations.

And fortunately, it appears that Arkane Studios is up to the task. Apparently, the people behind Prey is confident enough to promise a good product that will run flawlessly at launch. As a matter of fact, the game?s co-creative director Rafael Colantonio ensured that the PC version will be given an extra attention.

Prey Arkane

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One of the potential reasons why Prey is getting more scrutiny is Dishonored 2?s release, which is also made by Arkane. Dishonored 2 had a lot of major issues on PC platform and overall awful performance when it launched. And fortunately, Arkane has learned their lesson and would like to avoid any problems with Prey PC.

As a matter of fact, Colantonio admitted that the appropriate lessons have been learned. Hence, fans of the company should rest assure that Prey?s launch won?t be similar to Dishonored 2.

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How Will Arkane Do It?

Obviously, people would ask how would they be able to pull it off? Arkane?s co-creator director responded by saying that more attention to the game is guaranteed throughout its production. However, people should still take it with a grain of salt. ?Any unforeseen circumstances could still happen.

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