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Prey Review: The Concensus Thus Far

prey review
Only a few Prey reviews are available. [Image from PlayStation Store]

Fans looking for a legitimate Prey review are going to be a bit disappointed, since there aren’t many out yet. This is due to Bethesda’s current review policy that Doom started, where they only ship copies a day before launch. Considering how long some of their games can be, this can take some time to review, especially with multiple endings.

However, the few reviews that are available have been fairly positive so far, which should please anyone excited for the game. According to VG24/7, a number of websites have given the game a 9 out of 10, so that’s great. Many were worried about how the title would play, but it seems like rebooting the series was a good decision.

Positive Word of Mouth?

Thanks to a positive Prey review or two, fans might pick this up soon, since it was made available last week. Attack of the Fanboy praised the visual presentation and the Bioshock-like feel of the game, despite the space setting. Press Start felt the story started off bland, but picked up thanks to a few twists here and there.

Comparisons have also been made to Dishonored 2, since both games were made by the same developer Arkane Studios. Prey seems to use a similar graphical engine, which leads to a very pretty game, regardless of the system. Arkane Studios has also promised a “flawless” PC release, after the problems the Dishonored 2 port suffered from.

Big Sales?

Until a higher profile Prey review comes out, it’s tough to say if the game will sell well right away. Bethesda has a great reputation, but Dishonored 2 suffered from sales due to the lack of reviews during it’s release. This is a shame, since the game was a very good one that improved upon the weaknesses of it’s predecessor.

Doom was a sales success despite the lack of reviews during it’s launch, but that’s because it has name recognition. Compare this to Prey, which is a reboot of a 2006 game that many don’t know too well, hence the worries. Bethesda might want to change their review policy if they want scrutinizing fans to pick their games.

Prey is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, with a free demo on all systems. Since they’re so few, it’s hard to say if the game will become a sales juggernaut. Fans can also pick up Dishonored 2, or try it’s massive demo.

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